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A start-up named June20 puts iPads on rails to put them online in physical stores

Retailers are trying to gather the information-rich world of their online stores with the tactile product benefits of their brick and mortar products.

This led to kiosks, mobile apps that point to inventory in a physical store, and location-based offers, among other efforts. This week, a start-up launches a new patent-pending approach: put a tablet on track.

Called Converge, it is the first offer of a company based in Hayward, California, called June20. An iPad Pro is mounted on rails in a product aisle, and the customer can grab the handles attached to move the tablet from one product to the other.

The rear camera captures a small QR code near the product, which triggers the display of related product information on the tablet. CEO and co-founder Paul Chapuis told me that there was "no blank space" between the QR codes, so the tablet will either display a product or it will show up. ;other.

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