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"Accidentally Killed It": Parity struggles with 280 million dollars ETH

A user of Ethereum's Parity portfolio has "accidentally" quarantined funds of a value of 280 million, thus revealing other vulnerabilities in the platform

Parity, which has experienced difficulties since its launch by the former co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, still trying to regain access to the ETH "frozen".

"… A user suicidated the library in-wallet, erasing the code from the library which in turn made all multi-sig contracts unusable from their logic (any function of changing status ) was inside the library, "a Parity security alert read on Tuesday. In short, the code base allowing access to multi-sig portfolios of parity is being removed, making funds out of reach.

As the responsible user, known as devops199, has described on GitHub in a request for help. "

Parity is currently seeking to calm users in what has ironically transformed multi-sig security into a responsibility for many professional and private users of parity.

" We are working to confirm the exact details and will inform the community as soon as we have them, "confirms the latest Twitter update of the wallet.

In July, an initial vulnerability caused significant hacking to Parity, with the consequence that white hackers intentionally clear portfolios to protect funds users against possible future thefts.