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Achain Partner: "I want to invest in the Blockchain as high as I can"

Cointelegraph continues to publish interviews with distinguished guests of BlockShow Asia 2017, which took place in Singapore in November 2017.

Li Yuan, partner of Achain, shook the BlockShow audience with a new vision of the forking, making a comparison of Blockchain to Darwinian theory. After his speech, he spoke to Cointelegraph about his fellow fork's theory, his importance in Blockchain industry

Cointelegraph: What is your first impression of the Singaporean crypto community today? # 39; hui?

Li Yuan: I feel very good because we have friends from all over the world. We are the same and we share the same interests and opinions about Blockchain's future. This is a very good platform for us to get in touch with each other, to establish a relationship with each other. So thank you for creating the platform for us.

СТ: What fork theory did Tony Cui think of that you talked about? This has inspired a lot of social media discussions. What is your personal impression?

LY: I think we want to change the traditional theory of people on forks. In the past, when most people mentioned the word "fork", it meant something bad because it was not a consensus, but in Blockchain we needed a consensus. In fact, the fork is a technical thing. You know what I mean? We can not have a consensus on the fork! Also, because we need to build applications in different areas and face different advances in technical strategy – and each case is different, so we need different types of technical support.

How do we think this will happen? We must have different types of structures. So maybe the only way is to build a different Blockchain based on the same platform and this way maybe the best way is from the fork. We want to change the idea, change the technical scene and the human stage.

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CT: What really inspired you to enter the crypto community in the first place?

LY: My background, I am a graduate student I specialized in computer science. I am very attracted by the idea of ​​Blockchain and I specialized in Business Management, so I want to do something real to influence people. After graduating, I was in a startup business, I was not going to a big company, I was trying to finance another company. Until the Blockchain, I think yes it creates a boom for maybe 10 years, 20 years, maybe 30 years. I think it's so attractive to me. I have good ideas on how this can influence people, on equity, on the safe and on certain goods in a human being. I want to invest in Blockchain as high as possible.

CT: Do you think the context is important to have success in the Blockchain industry?

LY: I think that maybe the background can help you easily understand the idea of ​​Blockchain, to give you more possibilities to join this community. But I think Blockchain will influence many other players in society. Every person with a different background can succeed here.