Administrative Support, Customer Service and Sales The Most Popular Jobs in Small Business

Small businesses may not be adding jobs at the current pace of big business. But they are growing and creating new jobs in the economy.

What jobs are filled in small American businesses, though? To find out, Leading Jobs website has examined the job categories with the most clicks in the last three months.

The most popular job opening – by category – in small businesses at the present time is administrative support. This is followed by customer service in second place and sales in third position.

Overall, the top 10 most popular jobs, according to Indeed's clicks, show a trend in the way and where small businesses can grow.

"A recent report by Indeed revealed that store roles like storage, marketing, and technology were showing overall growth of 31 percent, perhaps reflecting an increase in e-commerce," Paul explains. Wolfe. "It is exciting to see an increase in the interest of job seekers for retail and warehousing roles in small businesses."

Jobs in the Installation, Maintenance and Repair category ranked fourth in the popularity ranking. Management roles are fifth.

The top 10 job categories for small businesses are Food Service (6th), Driver (7th), Warehouse (8th), Retail (9th) and Medical Technician (10th).

Indeed, consider a small business as one with less than 150 employees.

According to the latest ADP employment reports, small businesses added 38,000 of the 178,000 new jobs to the US economy in May. This report considers a small business as a business with 50 employees or less. Most of these additional jobs were "production of goods" roles.

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