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ADP Introduces Instant TIPS for Managing Small Business Tips

ADP (NASDAQ: ADP) and Gratuity Solutions have just announced a new payment platform for service companies that need a simpler way to handle tips. The solution, called Instant TIPS, combines the functionality of the existing ADP payment card offering with the Gratuity Solutions integrations of leading POS systems.

It works by extracting sales data directly from the company's point-of-sale system and instantly paying for tips electronically by adding funds to the ALINE card of the employee by ADP.

The advantages of ADP instant advice

This solution offers multiple benefits to businesses and their employees. The ability to automatically add funds to a card reduces the amount of work required while facilitating the reporting of these funds. In addition, it allows employees to be paid more quickly, potentially increasing retention rates of businesses. And adding money to a card rather than keeping tons of cash in hand makes things safer and more convenient for all involved, especially if we consider the decreasing use of money in daily transactions.

Kerry Morse, vice president of Alliances for ADP Added Value Services, said in an email to Small Business Trends: "Management consulting is a growing challenge for small businesses and service industries like restaurants, spas and salons. Employers and employees want a clear, more frequent and direct way to pay and receive tips. Instant TIPS allows employers to pay advice electronically to an ALINE card from ADP. Employers do not need to keep large sums of cash on hand and employees have access to these salaries at the end of the day. In fact, it is not a question of changing platforms – it is a question of implementing a more accurate, efficient and, frankly, safer method of managing tips. "

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ADP offers four different versions of the Instant TIPS solution to meet the needs of different tip-oriented businesses. It also makes the Instant TIPS API available on ADP Marketplace. Companies that use the cloud application store to manage business applications can access it.

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