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Agriculture An upgrade of the ICO to boost production in Russia

Many ICOs have appeared to help small startups finance new and innovative ideas, but a business Russia-based agricultural company, Khokholskaya Agricultural Company, is seeking to use revolutionary Blockchain technology to help finance an unnecessarily needed newspaper farm.

Traditional bank financing requires a level of collateral, however, land alone is not good enough. This prompted a look at other methods of financing with the established Khokholskaya company seeking to release an ICO called MilkCoin.

The demand for food production and dairy in Russia is high, however, it is difficult to establish such operations without funding, and as such, the MilkCoin team thinks have a modern solution.

Decentralized Direct Investment

Demand and needs in agriculture and agriculture in Russia are extremely high. with an ideology of a national priority project for agricultural production, and is of particular importance both for the region and for the whole country.

To this end, MilkCoin seeks to entice investors to profitable business for the company and investors. By offering a direct and decentralized opportunity to invest, MilkCoin allows investors much more control and insight.

MilkCoin believes that they will be able to finance their dairy farm with funds received by the ICO, as well as help for In addition, as a model of 39; Investment, MilkCoin believes that the gathering of this strong demand from the state, with a popular financing tool as an ICO, can

Construction of a commercial dairy farm

The Khokholskaya Agricultural Society claims to be the largest business enterprise to lead an ICO, and has references to support that idea. They have been in operation since 2009 and have already invested more than $ 10 million in the project in recent years.

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The project launched by MilkCoin aims to achieve the goal of building a commercial dairy farm in its own right. the Voronezh region in Russia. They already have the land – 3,500 hectares – and are looking to add machinery, rebuild grain elevators, build feed mills and bring in dairy cows.


Remaining true to the transparent nature of Blockchain, MilkCoin provided potential investors with an open plan of their plan, as well as up-to-date documents and regulations for the management of this plan. business.

their ICO is a European company based in Liechtenstein, and for this reason they believe that there is additional legitimacy when the investments become reliable and secure.

The first indications of MilkCoin are that annual dividends can reach 70% as well as quarterly payments of three percent. MilkCoin also expects the redemption of chips could reach $ 1.20.

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