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All About Twinning Codes: Do's and Don'ts

We have recently discussed security best practices, but the security of portfolios is so diverse that it's often difficult for us (and not so helpful for you) to pack all the best tips in an overloaded post.

Beyond identifying information about your portfolio, there are other important items in your portfolio that you should never share. This time we will cover the matching codes of the portfolios, which allows you to match your web wallet to your mobile device, and vice versa. To do and don'ts about pairing codes, read on.

What is a matching code?

Matching codes are unique and secure codes that allow you to synchronize access to the application on multiple devices. They are convenient because they save you from manually connecting to each device and the process is also much faster. Pairing codes can often be a PIN code, or they will be in QR (Quick Response) format, as you will see in your Blockchain portfolio. You can find your association code by accessing Settings -> Wallet Information and then clicking View Matching Code .

Why use one?

As we have mentioned, the matching codes grant instant access to your wallet on your secondary devices. If you are primarily a web user and want to connect to the help of an iOS or Android device, you just need to download the app, choose auto-pairing and then Use your new device to scan the matching code displayed in your web wallet.

Once scanned, both devices will automatically reflect all the activity of the transaction with that particular wallet. And just like that, you can now use both devices to send, receive and store your funds seamlessly.

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Never share your code of association

Now that we've explained exactly what coupling codes do, we're sure you understand why it's so important never to share them with anyone. Already. Whoever has your pairing code can access your wallet without having to know the identifier of your wallet, your password or your 2FA credentials. You would give them unlimited access to your funds, your recovery phrase and the history of your transactions.

Pairing codes and phishing attempts

Unfortunately, matching codes have also attracted the attention of phishers. Often, by posing as a member of our support team on Facebook or Twitter, they insist that users provide a screenshot of their wallet matching code or reveal their 12-word recovery phrase for that their problem be solved. To put the clocks back at the moment, none of these elements is necessary to receive support, and our support team will never ask you for it.

To avoid being the victim of malicious attempts like these, ask for help using @AskBlockchain and our support request link only. Our support team does not provide support via personal Facebook profiles, private messages or Twitter direct messages.

More questions about match codes?

If you would like to know more about the pairing codes, let us know by sending us your comments!