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All you need to know about the IAB initiative ads.txt

We were all exposed to a questionable online shopping situation, or surprised by a salesman who definitely did not have access to the official merchandise that they claimed sale. Just ask this guy:

But, while receiving a non-advertised fashion article can make a funny story, when your business relies on something that you can only buy online, dealing with scammers seems much less likely. entertaining.

In particular, it is a major problem facing all those who need to buy programmatic commercials – or, in some cases, even agent-sponsored commercials.

You may have heard of "identity theft", where advertising buyers are forced to pay for space that they do not get not really. This happens in many ways, but one of the most common tips is for a scammer to buy cheap advertising space from a low-end site and list it as premium advertising space on an exchange, at a much higher price. So, you might think that your ad will be displayed on the prestigious, but in reality you are buying space on

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