What does Tyronn Lue call his boss? "LeBron."

Alexa is a savage. Amazon's personal assistant technology is known to have some personality, but who knew that she would be used to these hot plugs? Yet, here we are, in 2017, still robots know how to burn the Golden State Warriors

As this video shows, all you have to do is trigger Alexa using either the Alexa app or your Echo device, and ask for a Warriors or Cavaliers burn. And dude, are they funny:

Alexa, give me a burn to the Warriors.

Why did the Warriors lose the championship last year? Their attitude was too cavalier.

Alexa, give me a burn at Cleveland Cavaliers.

Why does Kyrie Irving miss his jumpers? He thinks his shot is flat.

More because we have not gotten tired yet, via Twitter @ Ty_Bama2002:

• "A doctor offered the Warriors a miracle drug that would make them 3 feet 1 inch longer high, but they declined, they have a bad story when they are 3-1. "

•" What did Steph Curry learn in elementary school?

• "How do you spell 'cupcake'? with only two letters? KD.

Yes, it makes me want to drop $ 50 on an echo point. Which, of course, is the point.

No word to know if there are jokes related to Rihanna.

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