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Amazon brings Echo and Alexa to Canada

Amazon has finally brought its range of Alexa Echo speakers to Canada. The release of the Echo material has long been expected by the northern neighbor of America, who could only watch and wait for Echo to pass through two generations in the United States

Echo Dot, the second generation Echo and the Echo Plus with integrated smart home hub are all on sale in Canada as of today, rivaling the support full of the voice assistant Alexa. The point is $ 49.99 for a limited time ($ 69.99 ordinary), the Echo is $ 99.99 (normally $ 129.99) and the Plus is $ 169.99 ($ ​​199.99 normally).

The launch coincides with the opening of a smart home appliance store in Canada, and access to Amazon Prime Music for Canadians, with more than one million free songs available for the main members.

Many Canadians are already using Alexa and Echo, having purchased them from US retailers or third parties who will ship across the border, but this has always involved alternatives such as having an Amazon account American. Making Canadians available to echo is officially a big step forward, and it is likely that it will affect customers. Google Home launched on the market earlier this year, too, now consumers have some variety in their smart home speaker options.

The devices are on sale now, but will begin to be delivered early December