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Amazon Embraces Distributed Ledger Across R3, Leaked From Other Blockchain Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a partnership with R3 to enable the Corda platform to become one of the first distributed solutions the AWS. Corda enables users to deploy DApps on the AWS platform and create new applications directly.

The relative victory of R3 follows a difficult year as the company has been dragged into a passionate legal battle with Ripple over. an unfilled chip purchase agreement that would give R3 a $ 1 billion profit. A recent decision also seems to have pushed the company's hopes for victory even further.

Amazon … Blockchain … Bitcoin?

Amazon's slow adoption of Blockchain technology and other applications has been something of an enigma. Last week, AWS CEO Andy Jassy said the company would not adopt Blockchain technology even though Overstock's competitor was one of the first and first followers of cryptocurrency payments. Although rumors are coming and going regarding Amazon 's willingness to accept Bitcoin, nothing has been announced.

AWS 'acceptance of the technology of R3's distributed registries could mean a future for Amazon becoming more friendly with nascent but disruptive technology. ]