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Amazon Prime Shipping Business Changes the Game for Small Business Supply

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Business has launched Business Prime Shipping, allowing its business customers to benefit from unlimited fast and free shipping on tens of millions of items.

Presentation of Amazon Business Prime Shipping

Amazon Business Prime Shipping is a paid annual subscription program, which allows registered multi-user business customers to benefit from unlimited fast and free shipping. The program is currently available to Amazon Business customers in the United States and Germany.

Small businesses often face the challenge of sharing passwords for authorization of procurement and shipping tasks. With Business Prime Shipping, everyone in a business account automatically gets Business Prime Shipping.

The multi-user functionality of Amazon's Business Prime Shipping program helps small businesses overcome such challenges because it allows companies to designate authorized users to approve and execute the purchase and purchase functions. d & # 39; shipping. By eliminating the need to share passwords for purchase and shipping purposes, the use of Business Prime Shipping can be a much more effective and safer way for smaller businesses to get started. 39, buy supplies and ship products.

In a press release, Prentis Wilson, Vice President of Amazon Business, spoke about the business benefits provided by Business Prime Shipping to companies:

"Business Prime Shipping allows businesses with multiple users to further simplify their procurement procedures and increasingly rely on Amazon Business to deliver."

"Customers can now benefit from unlimited fast delivery within their organization across a broad selection of products while maintaining increased visibility into their business purchases," Wilson added.

Amazon Business users can sign up for an annual Business Prime Shipping subscription. Membership is staggered according to the number of users of a company in its professional account.

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Small businesses with up to 10 users pay a membership fee of $ 499 for the year. This increases to $ 1,299 per year for "average" members, for businesses with up to 100 users.

Companies can learn more about Business Prime Shipping or register for a free 30 day trial here.

Image: Amazon