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Amazon Prime Video launches globally on Xbox consoles

Today, Amazon Prime Video launches worldwide on Xbox One and will also be available on the new Xbox One X as soon as it arrives in stores on November 7th.

The streaming application, which is the only place to view Amazon Originals as Transparent and Mozart in the jungle, is online in Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and India. .

In January 2016, Netflix broadly extended its service to almost every country in the world, becoming the only streaming service to do so. But in December of last year, Amazon Prime Video brought competition to Netflix, extending to more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

With the launch of Amazon Prime Video on Xbox One, Amazon continues this expansion at the platform level.

This also happens at a time when Amazon Studios is expanding, moving the company to a new location in Culver City, California. The company said it will increase hiring in new roles in the areas of creation, technique, marketing and law, with 84 positions available on the Amazon Studios website. .

Privileged members who own an Xbox One can download the app immediately and stream for free, while non-Amazon Prime customers can subscribe to Prime Video for $ 9 / month. New Zealanders and Australians can sign up for $ 2.99 / month for the first six months and $ 5.99 / month thereafter, while residents of Brazil can get $ 7.90 / month for first six months and $ 14.90 thereafter.