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Amazon Sparks speculates by buying three cryptocurrency-themed domain names

On October 31, Amazon recorded three cryptocurrency-related domains, sparking speculation that Amazon could soon accept cryptocurrency. The domains are, and Amazon already owns the domain name ""

This is not the first time that a rumor circulates that Amazon will accept digital currency. A few weeks ago, there was news based on sources in Silicon Valley reporting that Amazon could soon incorporate Bitcoin as a payment option. Any initiative on the part of Amazon, one of the most innovative and influential technology companies in the world, would have huge consequences.

No plan to accept cryptocurrency

Pay's vice president, Patrick Gauthier, said that Amazon does not plan to accept cryptocurrency because it's not going to accept cryptocurrency. there is little demand. Considering that the majority of online payments are made by debit and credit cards, Gauthier's statement seems reasonable and convincing. It is possible that Amazon has bought domain names simply for defensive purposes and is not considering accepting digital currency.

The attitude of Amazon account

Amazon may have no plan to accept cryptocurrency very much. It is reasonable to assume that if Amazon ends up accepting cryptocurrency, the entire market could be lifted.