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Amazon's new Echo passes (RED) for a limited time

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The new Echo is a handsomer than its predecessor, thanks in large part to its different fabric coverings. Now there is a new option for the outer shell: a special limited edition PRODUCT (RED). The outside of the fabric is in red, appropriately, and $ 10 of the purchase price ($ 99.99, like all other Echo) will go towards the work of (RED) fighting AIDS through the Global Fund.

Amazon is not the first to bring the mark (RED) to a consumer gadget to support the fight against AIDS; Apple has a range of devices and accessories that work with the same campaign. The Echo of Amazon looks to be a winner, however, with a unique design that is probably worth keeping to please people with a penchant for them. colors other than gray, gray, dark gray and faux wood.

The (RED) Echo is currently announcing a release date of December 6 on Amazon, and as mentioned, it goes at the same price as the other iterations. In addition, it does not look like the 'ECHO3PACK & # 39; promotion which offers a $ 50 discount when you order three second generation Echo devices, applies to the (RED) version.


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