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Ambitious update of Ethereum & Casper & # 39; s castrate challenge & # 39; see version 1.0

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Ethereum took another important step toward its final transition from proof of work to proof of wager (PoS) because the developers have released the first version of the long-awaited Casper network upgrade.

Casper v0.1.0, released Tuesday by New Orleans-based developer Danny Ryan, provides developers, auditors, and other external parties of the client with easier integration of source code into their software for testing.

"Version 0.1.0 tells us more clearly the markup releases to help customers and external auditors more easily follow the contract and the changes," writes Ryan.

Casper is an essential component of the ethereum community's ambitious plan to change the way the network updates the blockchain and secures it against potential attackers.

At present, ethereum is reaching a consensus through the PoW program, which is commonly referred to as mining. The developers wish to move the Ethereum to the PoS, through which node operators would drop or "implant" the ether to become network validators.

The move to the PDS, according to them, will lessen "wasted electricity" consumed by the mining industry, a process that requires a lot of computing. Since network validators will have lower overhead costs under the PDS, supporters argue that the ethericeum inflation rate can be reduced accordingly.

Once Casper is enabled on the network, ethereum will use a hybrid consensus algorithm that combines elements of PoW and PoS. Initially, the consensus will mainly be achieved by the work program, although the point of sale will gradually take on a heavier workload in later versions.

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Ethereum will not be the first cryptocurrency to experiment with PoS, but critics say previous implementations have failed to prompt validators to operate honestly – and punish them when they do not. do not do it.

Therefore, the ethereum developers have spent years building their PoS instance, and although it is not yet known when Casper will go live on the mainnet, it seems that the focus is finally in progress. time.

As reported by the NCC, the transition to PoS has gained even greater momentum in recent months as Chinese mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain revealed that it has developed an integrated circuit ASIC compatible application-specific ASIC Equihash operating algorithm.

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