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Analytics 360 suite customers can now configure user groups & # 39; in Google Analytics

Members of internal agency teams and consulting firms often have varying levels of access to a Google Analytics account. The control of all these individual permissions – especially when people come and go – becomes easier with the introduction of user groups in Google Analytics.

Announced last week, user groups can be used to organize access and control of product permissions on entire teams. This feature is only available to organizations that subscribe to at least one product from the Google Analytics 360 suite.

A Google spokesperson told us, "We built user groups at the 360 ​​Suite level [Google Analytics] so that they could be shared among multiple accounts, and in the future, many products. "

To set up a user group in Google Analytics, go to the User Management section of the Admin page (accessible from the gear icon at the bottom of the navigation bar. left). Click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner and select "Add New Groups" as shown in the example below.

If you have not set up an account for a 360 Suite organization and you have associated it with Analytics, the notice states that you must define the company as a new organization. from the Analytics 360.

To create a 360 Suite Organization account, you must be a user of at least one of the 360 ​​Suite product accounts, such as Analytics, Tag Manager, or Optimize.

After user groups are enabled and configured, you can assign permissions for Suite 360 ​​and for individual product accounts in the suite. Members of a group inherit permissions from this group and retain their permissions separately.

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To learn more about structuring user groups, visit the Help Center page.

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