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Apple could let you run iPad apps on your Mac

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Apple is working hard on the next major releases of its operating systems – macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. While iOS is the big elephant in the room, the most interesting new feature could be for macOS. According to Bloomberg and Axios reports, Apple will allow you to run iPad applications.

Yesterday, Axios announced for the first time that Apple Vice President Craig Federighi had announced a revised plan for iOS 12. Apple usually unveils the new version of iOS at its conference WWDC developers in June. He then passes a few months of beta tests and goes out in September.

And this time, Axios heard that Apple was delaying some features to work on quality issues. Many customers were complaining of bugs in iOS 11, such as weird bugs, messages crashing, calculator application not calculating correctly and more.

That's the reason why some features have been pushed back to iOS 13 in 2019. These features include a redesign of the Home screen, improvements to CarPlay, Mail updates. and Photos.

Instead, you can expect a rock-solid iPhone 12. There will always be new features, but not as much as expected. iOS 12 could present better parental controls, a FaceTime update. There could also be more augmented reality features.

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Some of these delays will also affect the next macOS update, such as updating the Photos application for example. But Bloomberg first noted that Apple is still on track to allow you to use iOS applications on your Mac. Axios has confirmed these plans, saying that iPad applications in particular should work on macOS.

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This could be a huge change for the Mac platform with a lot of new apps coming into the Mac App Store. It is still unclear whether Apple will optimize the user interface of these applications on the Mac. The use of a touch screen is very different from the use of a mouse. But iPad app developers can hope to reach a lot more users.