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Apple publishes a red iPhone 8

Apple does it again. The company has just unveiled a new version of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. He has a bright red speaker and a black forehead. A portion of Apple's product will fund Global Fund HIV / AIDS grants.

Other than that, it's an iPhone 8. You will get exactly the same features and components as those of the other models of the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is also available in gold, silver and ("space") gray. Alas, there is still no pink gold option.

When Apple unveiled the red version of the iPhone 7, many people did not understand why Apple was putting on white glasses at the front of the device. Red and black seem to be a good match. That's why some people have even bought screen protectors with black borders to solve this problem.

This year, Apple goes black. It is interesting to see that Apple is waiting about 6 months before launching red versions of its iPhones. This could be a way to encourage sales in the middle of a production cycle.

The red iPhone 8 will start at $ 699 with 64GB just like the regular models of the iPhone 8. There will also be 256GB versions. Preorders start tomorrow and you can buy it at Apple stores on Friday.

For users of the iPhone X, Apple launches a dark red leather folio. Apple also shares some figures on its partnership with (PRODUCT) RED. Since 2006, Apple has donated $ 160 million to the Global Fund through iPods, iPhones and Limited Edition Accessories.