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Apple releases iOS 11.1 with brilliant new emojis

New emojis. Do you need to hear something else? Apple has just released an iOS update. iOS 11.1 is the first feature update for iOS 11. It adds some new things, starting with dozens of new emojis.

Apple has already watched some of the new emojis, but they are now available to everyone. It includes mythical creatures, such as wizards, fairies, mermaids and vampires. There are some new activities, such as climbing and curling.

You will also find new clothes just in time for the winter, such as gloves, a scarf and a trench coat. There are a handful of new animals and new facial expressions. The exploding head is perhaps my favorite.

Overall, Apple promises 70 new emojis, making iOS compatible with Unicode 10.0. An emojis couple has also been redesigned, like that of bees.

As always, each emoji character has many variations with different sexes and skin colors when it is not an animal or an object. And for the first time, some characters are neutral.

This update alone is a great way to promote the adoption rate. Many people install new iOS updates to see and send new emojis. You do not want to be left behind when it comes to emojis.

In other news, Apple reports a tiny feature that many people probably do not use. You can press forcibly on the left edge of the screen to darken the current application and launch the application selector again. The company has also added a new gesture. If you forcefully press the left edge and swipe, you go directly to the next application. This gesture is much more effective than double-pressing the home button.

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Finally, iOS 11 comes with a bunch of bugfixes and security updates. If you already use iOS 11, you must update immediately as this version should work better than the previous one. Maybe it will improve the life of the battery.

Do not forget to back up your iPhone on iCloud or iTunes before proceeding with the update. Then go to the Settings application, tap General and Software Update.