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Apple releases iOS 11.2 with "I.T" automatic correction, faster wireless charging and Apple Pay Cash

Apple released an iOS update in the middle of the night (Cupertino time). iOS 11.2 brings Apple Pay Cash, but the feature is not yet online. The company still needs to switch a switch on its servers to enable it.

Today's update also supports a faster Qi 7.5W wireless load. If you have an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X as well as a wireless charger that supports 7.5W or more, your phone will charge faster because Apple first limited the wireless charge to 5W .

Some users have experienced problems with the AutoCorrect feature. The default iOS keyboard would change it's way. in & # 39; I.T & # 39; for no apparent reason. iOS 11.2 should fix that too.

In iOS 11, if you tap the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icons in Control Center, iOS does not turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Instead, your phone disconnects from Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories until the next day at 5 am (or you restart your device or you go to a new place for Wi-Fi).

Apple does not disable these features so you can connect your Apple Watch or Apple Pencil, turn on the personal hotspot from another device, and use Wi-Fi for more accurate location features. With iOS 11.2, icons are no longer grayed out. You will now see white icons to indicate that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are still working, you are simply connected to no network or accessory.

In smaller news, iOS 11.2 brings some revamped emojis, new wallpapers, a new indicator at the top right of the lock screen to help you find Control Center and better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth indications.

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The release of iOS 11.2 on a Friday night is a bit strange, but it may be due to the fact that some iPhones are restarting due to a time bug. Once the clock of your device is passed at 12:15 on December 2, 2017, applications with local notifications will crash your phone (eg training or meditation apps). Apple may have rushed iOS 11.2 to fix this bug. You can probably expect an update of macOS, tvOS and watchOS next week.

So, you should update your phone when you have a minute before encountering this weird clock crash. Go to the Settings application, and then tap General, and then click Software Update.