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Apple updates the rules of the App Store, the Google assistant comes to older phones

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Apple and Google are two of the biggest names in technology. And as such, they provide many useful tools and platforms for businesses. However, some of these tools have not always been available to all small businesses. Apple App Store recently added some rules that excluded many small businesses. And the Google wizard was not available for those who could not afford new devices.

However, both companies are trying to redress these wrongs with new ads this week. You can read more about these and other news items that may impact your business in this week's Small Business Trends news and information newsletter.

Technological Trends

Good news! Apple Updates Application Store Rules That Excluded Many Small Businesses

When Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) changed its App Store guidelines earlier this year, the move had unintended consequences, which had a negative impact on many small businesses. Fortunately, Apple has just announced a new set of guidelines revising the changes with clear terms that seem to reverse some of these negatives.

Google Assistant is available for small businesses with older phones and tablets

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) breathes new life into older Android mobile devices. The company recently announced that its decision support tool, Google Assistant, is arriving on even more phones and (finally) tablets.

Xero Projects on Android and iOS allows small businesses to access the road

If you used the capture, tracking, and reporting features of Xero Projects on your desktop, you can now perform the same functions on your mobile device. Xero (NZE: XRO) now has Xero Projects on iOS and Android. With new applications, you will be able to proactively track time spent on tasks inside and outside the office.

Monitor these 3 small business technology trends to boost productivity (INFOGRAPHIC)

The key to improving productivity and improving operational efficiency in the current digital ecosystem is the adoption of the right technology. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has just published an infographic with three technology trends that small businesses should monitor in 2018.

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LG has new massive monitors, even small businesses can consider

For creative professionals such as video editors, photographers, developers and anyone spending countless hours in front of a computer screen, the new line of LG monitors (KRX: 066570 ) is to be considered. In addition to their impressive size, the 32 and 34-inch monitors will have advanced features to provide high quality images.

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Super Slim LG Gram could let you work on your business from anywhere – for longer

LG (KRX: 066570) has announced a new line of lightweight and lightweight Gram notebooks. A look at LG Gram LG 2018 laptops claims that these advanced notebooks (available in 13.3, 14 and 15-inch models) feature a very efficient 72W battery life that allows you to work, on a single charge, for almost a whole day.


(Survey) Did your small business have a good year 2017?

The end of the calendar year is upon us again. It's time to assess the situation of your small business and, in this week's survey question, we want to check the pulse of our community. This year has certainly been an interesting year for small businesses in the United States. A new president has been inaugurated, which promises big changes for the business environment in the country.


Only 10% of Small Business Employees in Larger Hispanic Metropolitan Areas Receive Retirement Benefits

A new study by Finhabits reveals that less than 10% of small business employees in the top five Hispanic metropolitan areas in the United States have access to employer-sponsored retirement savings accounts. The 2017 Latin American study on insufficient retirement savings for workers revealed a large ethnic gap in retirement savings.

Using Wonderlic Scores to Evaluate Job Applicants for Your Small Business

The Wonderlic score is well known as the tool that many NFL teams turn to when they make their selection decisions in college. Small Businesses Trends has been talking to Wonderlic's CEO, Charles Wonderlic, about how their pre-hiring SaaS testing program, Wonscore, works, and why Wonderlic scores are useful when it's time to do business. they are looking for eligible candidates.

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Marketing Tips

Research identifies 5 new marketing trends that your small business should consider (INFOGRAPHIC)

Marketing a small business has become much more complicated with the introduction of the Internet, social media, websites, e-commerce and other digital tools. MDG Advertising's new infographic includes five marketing trends that you should watch for in 2018.

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Small advertising projector

Spotlight: Standard Bare Metal Finds Niche Cleaning Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens can accumulate a lot of grease and contaminants. And even though it's important to remove this buildup, it's not always something that homeowners or business managers want to manage on their own. This is where Bare Metal Standard intervenes. The company works with commercial kitchens across the country through a franchise program.

Small Business Operations

8 major trends in the workplace will follow in 2018

Job Trends in 2018 Jonathan Webb, vice president of workplace strategy for global furniture maker KI, spoke with Small Business Trends about what small businesses can do. expect.

Topicbox says that it is the slack of the group Email

Small business teams who have trouble keeping track of all internal email communications involved in day-to-day operations may be happy to discover a new tool to reduce these emails. Topicbox Group The email discussion tool is intended for teams that use a large number of group email channels but wish a better way to organize these channels.

Business productivity drops only 5% between Christmas and New Year's Day

There is a perception that companies are losing ground in the last week of December, but how true is it? Egnyte wanted to know, so he analyzed more than 3 billion activities of the holiday week of last year. The computer graphics created by the company reveals that the number is minimal, only five percent to be exact.

Chargeback App Handles Online Retail Credit Card Disputes for Small Businesses

The new Chargeback SaaS product will get rid of the manual credit card dispute management process. For small businesses dealing with debit rejects from credit card companies, this means automating a labor-intensive process and saving valuable time.

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Social Networks

Only 50% of businesses use WhatsApp even though they should probably, according to the study

A staggering half of businesses do not use WhatsApp! In addition, 72% of WhatsApp business users do not use the email application for group discussions with colleagues, and use it primarily for one-to-one communication. These are the findings of a study by online marketers Digimax.

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Facebook AR Studio puts augmented reality within reach of small businesses

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) opens its ARStudio platform to developers. This comes on the heels of Snapchat advertising its Lens Studio so that creators and developers can easily create more content for AR. Facebook The AR Studio Open Beta Camera Effects Platform (CEP) was launched at F8, but it was closed in beta all the time.


This little restaurateur will deliver 400 meals to first responders at Christmas

Jim Sherman does not spend his Christmas at home like many Americans. Instead, the owner of Firehouse Subs in Mobile, Alabama, offers hundreds of meals to first responders who must spend their holidays protecting their communities. Feed the firefighters at Christmas The "Feed the first responders" initiative began 11 years ago.

The modern Christmas tree has gone from family tradition to shark tank

Christmas is a time for traditions and family for so many people. Maybe no more than Matthew Bliss. In 2011, he introduced his modern Christmas tree for the first time to a mid-century modern-style living room. And earlier this year, he appeared on the television show "Shark Tank" looking for an investor to help expand his product line and brand.

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