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Apply these 8 secret techniques to build your brand of influence

In 2017, 85% of businesses used marketing influence, of which 90% were of the opinion that it was the most effective form of marketing. This increase in the use and popularity of marketing influence has encouraged many people to become influencers. But to become a brand of influence, it takes a lot of time, effort and energy. Generally, many of them do not know where to start, what to do, or how to build their brand.

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This post will give budding influencers one of the most effective ways to start building your brand of influence.

1. Build your foundation in the right places

As an aspiring influencer, you must build a solid foundation. You must have a strong online presence so that people can easily find you.

When you think of social channels, be selective at first and choose one or two platforms where your target audience spends the most time. For example, if you are writing a parent blog for moms in the Midwest, maybe you realize that the moms you want to reach do not use Twitter. Do not waste your time maintaining a social presence on a platform that will not help you start conversations with the people you want to reach!

2. Aiming for specific and small goals

As you progress in your quest to become an influencer, set achievable goals.

Think outside the "Subscriber Zone". It's easy to get carried away in increasing the number of followers you have, but other settings are important! Discover different ways to retain your subscribers and activate them on your social profiles. The old adage, quality over quantity, is true. Pay attention to the commitment, like the number of likes, comments, and shares.

Evaluate your progress by asking questions to which you can measure the answers. Does your content entail the engagement of x% of your subscribers? Do you see an elevator among new subscribers when posting specific types of photos?

3. Do some research on "What Works"

You must always work on creating quality content. Determine what type of content goes viral on the internet, and understand the mechanism behind its success. If possible, work on reverse engineering as success.

For example, memes are currently very popular on social media, so they could work to engage your audience, but make sure the humor is storytelling and relevant to your niche.

If you find content that is gaining popularity on social networks, look for its evolution. What was the idea behind the success of this content? Invest time and research to get an idea of ​​what works and what does not, and if the same approach could work for your own content.

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4. Remember that the mark reflects who you are

As an influencer, make sure that whatever you do, all your activities have a positive impact on your brand. Make sure you define your brand as what you are and what you believe in. Similarly, you should also consider working only with brands that match your personal brand.

If your value system is not aligned with the brand value system, it is best not to work with them. Otherwise, the partnership could have a negative impact on the brand as well as on your image.

It begins with the development of personal principles and philosophies that are sensitive, thoughtful, and understanding about the opinions of others. Everything you say or do will have a direct impact on the brand.

For the promotion of their product, Koa Organic Beverages teamed up with fitness micro-influencers. The drink is made from organic fruits and is ideal for fitness enthusiasts. One of the influencers of fitness was Andrea Taylor.

The campaign was successful and the photo posted by Andrea received more than 800 mentions I like. This is one of the best examples where brand values ​​and influencer align, resulting in the success of the campaign. If you read the comments on the post, you will also see that the audience of the influencer has received it well.

Image Source – Instagram

5. Mesmerize your audience

You must make sure to leave a lasting impact in the minds of your followers. You can post high quality content or images on your social media platforms. You must also make sure that the content is attractive.

The goal of hypnotizing your subscribers is to increase your engagement rate, your visibility and your number of active followers. You need to invest time, energy and maybe even money to implement a perfect visual strategy. This will also help you increase the amount you can bill per item.

As your brand grows, you may be able to hire a team of experts to support your photography and publishing efforts, as do many influencers. In the meantime, there are (hopefully!) Affordable tools and services that can bring you useful editing support, no matter what stage you are in.

Photo editing platforms like Mendr basically act as a complete editing team. Using this app, certified professionals make high quality editing for you. You can delete objects or people from the background of your photo, change color, exchange certain objects for something else, and so on.

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Many influencers use this tool as a secret weapon to increase the visual appeal of their photos without the need to invest in tools or training for themselves

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-503023 size-full" src="" alt=" 8 ways to build your influencer Brand: Mendr "width =" 819 "height =" 421 "/>

Source: Instagram

The Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington collaborates with many influencers to promote their watch. They ask influencers to create beautiful and attractive images, which they then post on the brand's Instagram page.

The image below is taken by Maria Philibert, who has over 30K followers on her Instagram account. She posted this beautiful picture of her wearing a Daniel Wellington watch. And within 24 hours, the picture has gained more than 27K likes. This shows the results of its followers of a beautiful high quality image.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-503022" src="" alt=" 8 ways to build your influence Brand: Maria Philibert "width =" 849 "height =" 626 "/>

Image Source – Instagram

6. Always use your authentic voice

If you want to be a successful influencer, never falsify your voice. You must discover your own authentic voice. Brands prefer to collaborate with an influencer who can generate authentic and high-quality stories for their brand.

You must maintain the authenticity, honesty and originality of your work throughout your professional life. This will help you increase your interaction rate, generate organic traffic to your website and increase visibility. The authenticity and originality will also help you win new followers.

The screen shot below is taken from the tutorial video of Omar El-Takrori. He is an independent professional photographer, with 8.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The video tutorial talks about the use of Adobe Lightroom.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-503024" src="" alt=" 8 ways to build your brand of influence: Omar El-Takrori "width =" 849 "height =" 551 "/>

Image Source – YouTube

Based on his own experience, he shared tips and tricks for using Adobe Lightroom. The video has gained more than 147K views and 2,4K likes. Because he is a professional photographer, the video reflects originality and authenticity.

7. Maintaining consistency in the production of useful and strategic content

It is important for an influencer to continue to create content. Make sure this content is useful, informative, engaging and useful to your subscribers. This will help you position yourself as an effective and successful influencer.

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When you create a video, a blog post or a useful and attractive image, it will immediately attract the attention of your subscribers. You could even consult your subscribers and ask them what advice or guides they would like to see next.

Samantha Jane is a beauty influencer with 58K subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her videos are about makeup tutorials, shopping, new beauty products or beauty tips.

She regularly publishes videos, at least 2 videos a week. And all his videos are of high quality and are very informative, engaging and useful for his followers. She is an excellent example of an influencer who maintains consistency in developing and publishing useful content for her subscribers.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-503025" src="" alt=" 8 ways to build your influencer Brand: Samantha Jane "width =" 850 "height =" 503 "/>

Image Source – YouTube

8. Listen to your disciples

As you test and learn, it is important to listen to the comments of your current subscribers. Their demands and insights can be an excellent source of new ideas and relationship building, which is a big step forward in developing a winning strategy to become an effective influencer.

Whenever you get positive feedback, go immediately and thank your customer. But in case you get negative feedback, recognize it and work to reconcile the situation. This is a simple but effective tip to strengthen the relationship with your current customers.

This will surely help you become an effective and efficient influencer, able to stand out from the crowd. Make sure to create a unique and distinct brand compared to other influencers in your niche.

Final Thoughts

Building a brand of influence takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. When you start your journey, you should know that it will not happen overnight.

Do you have any other useful tips to share for an aspiring influencer? Comments below; We would like to hear from you!

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