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Apply these secret techniques to enhance your small business website for Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching and for many business owners (young and old), it is the most profitable period of the year. According to Techradar, $ 3.34 billion was spent on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Ready to receive your piece of cake in November? It starts and ends with the optimization of your website. Learn the most effective SEO tips to strengthen your brand, increase sales and surpass your ecommerce dreams!

The first things first: cheat your way to sales success (with a checklist)

This is not really cheating – in fact, it's a strategy to blow your competition out of the water so that you reach the real online sales potential you deserve. Although Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, it can also be the most stressful day of the year. How do you guarantee that your website will not crash with high volume traffic? How do you optimize the amount of expenses per customer? With this handy checklist, of course! Go through each task one by one, and you'll skyrocket your sales just in time for Black Friday:

  • Establishment of a series of autoresponders for abandoned cart visitors . If you're already using a series of automated email marketing to build customer loyalty, be sure to add a "Black Friday" campaign. All you have to do is capture the viewers who added your product to their cart (but then left your site). Send them a reminder email with a special 10% coupon – if they come back before midnight to complete their order.
  • Create a pop-up landing page with a discount code. The average viewer only takes three seconds to see your site. Instantly grab their attention with a compelling pop-up landing page, placed in the front and center of your home page. Do you want to create a greater sense of urgency? Design a landing page that includes a timer, counting the hours, minutes and seconds before the expiry of your contract.
  • Create a banner to display your Black Friday deal too good to have passed. Banners are easy to create (go to to create a free one). Create a bold header and a font that specifies what your business is. The more sales of Black Friday are instantly visible, the more likely it is that viewers buy.
  • Be absolutely certain that your store can handle the demand. Do not underestimate the power of your product. When Black Friday arrives, consumers (old and new) will want to take advantage of your offers. Check with your suppliers in advance, making sure that they can handle your surplus orders.
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Black Friday SEO Tips

Now that you have a website equipped for high sales and a low deposit rate, it's time to optimize your online business to reach the masses in record time. Apply these five tips to your site as soon as possible, and you will become the embodiment of #salesgoals.

Creating gift guides focused on SEO

Forget about fighting to optimize your sales. A very effective shortcut is by suggestive gift guide pop-ups as they go through check-out. According to the 2016 Google Trend Report, over 70% of online shoppers start shopping without having in mind something they want to buy! For example, if you sell women's clothing, create a few gift guides that include related interests for women, such as fashion bracelets, necklaces, and a women's magazine subscription.

Using YouTube

Make some videos of "Black Friday Gift Idea" on YouTube and get even more potential customers (68% of consumers turn to YouTube when they do not know what they want to buy!) Make sure you Follow YouTube SEO Rules by including no more than 2 percent keyword density and 700 words – max – in your video description (or your video will not be uploaded).

Add popular keywords for holiday gifts in your marketing copy

Black Friday is the perfect time to use SEO keywords in all platforms of your marketing copy, including: e-mails, landing pages, PPC ads, blog posts and product descriptions. Start your search with 'Black Friday', and be sure to also use the 'related searches'. for more keyword ideas.

Know your buzzwords

Once you have your Black Friday keyword list, make sure you add buzzwords to your marketing copy. For example, it is not enough to just describe your product with the keywords "Black Friday". You have to hang your audience with additional words like "Best", "Amazing", "Rare" or "One of a Kind".

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Bring out their curiosity with buzzwords, so that, whether you're selling champagne-filled chocolates or cashmere sweaters, you've hung them up and forced to click, buy, and become a customer. for the coming years.

Forcing masses to discover your sale

While the content has been and will always be king, never underestimate the power of a really good image. Many companies use images in their blog posts or web content, but fail to maximize their visibility by forgetting alt tags. This holiday season (as well as any other day of the year) reminds that your audience is visually inspired . Add stock photos of a picturesque setting, or a child receiving the perfect gift on Christmas morning. Find images that evoke the universal desires we all have: a sense of joy, wonder and even magic. Then, take advantage of the alt tags so that visitors can find you – and inevitably, the perfect Black Friday offer that they simply can not let through.

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