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AppNexus abandons MRC accreditations

The Media Ratings Council (MRC) revoked AppNexus accreditations. The advertising technology platform also withdrew from the accreditation process in March.

Accreditations were withdrawn in March after being suspended in September 2017 "until compliance with the requirements for general detection and filtration of invalid traffic was established".

The company lost its accreditation for all measures. "Accreditation has been revoked for all previously accredited metrics (desktop views and visible ad displays and associated visibility indicators); Accreditation was suspended in September 2017. AppNexus has withdrawn from the accreditation process, "noted Thursday a press release on the accreditation actions for the first quarter of 2018 of the MRC.

The MRC has announced that Facebook and Instagram have both obtained Newsfeed Served Ad Impressions accreditation in desktop, mobile and mobile applications. Cox Digital COMET (formerly Gamut), WebSpectator and Adloox lost or withdrew some or all of their accreditations in the first quarter of 2018.

We asked the MRC to share their comments and a spokesperson told us: "They [AppNexus] withdrew from the process and we can no longer represent them as accredited. We are not able to comment further. "

AppNexus' Director of Communications, Madeleine Kennedy, provided additional context for the move by noting:

Earlier this year, AppNexus informed the MRC that we would not be seeking further accreditation for our complete platform and product suite and that we would be terminating the substantial payment of fees associated with this commitment. Given our integrations with third party auditing services that already have MRC – DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Meetrics and MOAT accreditation – the process is duplicated unnecessarily both in terms of costs and effort. Our main DSP competitors, including MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Google DBM and DataXu, seem to have made a similar calculation. We plan to work on a separate track in order to obtain MRC accreditation for the Publisher AppNexus Publisher Server. We informed the relevant customers.

[This article originally appeared on MarTech Today.]

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