Are You Paying Too Much To Sell Your Stuff Online?

It is saying that one person trash is another person’s treasure. So as you are doing your summer cleaning this year, you may be considering trying to sell your old, unused stuff instead of just throwing it away. 

However, with the growing trend of selling stuff online, it is not easy to find a place to sell your unwanted items. Most online selling websites charge you some fees for their services and with cheap items, it may be not a favourable deal for you. 

So, how much are you paying in order to sell your old things and how can you minimize it? This article aims to provide you with a guideline on where you can sell your old stuff to make some money online.  

What Types Of Things Can You Sell Online?

Not all household stuff sell well online. There are a lot of items that have some worth in their old age so you should never throw them away. Nowadays, online stores usually let you sell books, jewellery, clothes, electronic devices, metal scraps and mobile phones on Mobile Phone Recycling Websites and some other things you no longer need and pay you for them accordingly. 

Let’s have a look at where you can sell your old stuff online and how much these popular places charge for their services! You can go for any of them according to the nature of your products as well as your preferences. 

Recycling Sites

Thanks to recycling sites that are creating awareness regarding the recycling of electronic devices. If you have a collection of computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other e-gadgets then you should sell them to Sell My Mobile instead of throwing them away. The most appealing thing about recycling sites is that they offer free services so you can generate the most money in exchange for your old and damaged electronic gadgets.  


eBay (primarily an auction based site) is a big platform that allows you to sell your stuff online so that you can earn money in return. However, keep in mind that you will also have to pay 10% of the sale price including postage to eBay. Well, sometimes the company offers some special promotions to give discounts on this fee, so you can sell your old stuff at that times. Further, you will also have to pay PayPal charges on the deal at 3.4% of the entire sale price plus 20p each transaction.  


Amazon is another popular place where you can sell your old unwanted items. It is a lot more straightforward as compared to the eBay. You can just sell an item that is already listed on their site but that’s virtually everything. So you don’t have to capture a picture of your product to list it. Conversely, Amazon’s fees are higher than eBay. If you are selling less than 35 products per month then you are not eligible to pay a monthly subscription to sell on their site. If you are going to sell more than 35 items on Amazon, you will pay 75p per item. Further, a referral fee (varies from 7% up to 45%) is also charged in order to sell consumer electronics and large appliances. And the most important, there is a Closing fee that generally depends on the product category and location. 


Gumtree is the UK’s biggest classified ads website, featuring more than 16 million visitors per month. This site enables you to sell your old unwanted things by posting ads. It is free to post an ad and you can post up to nine photos per ad. Nevertheless, if you are interested in using more features of Gumtree then you will have to pay some fees. Such as you need to pay £5 if you want to add a link to your site. And for promoting your ad, you will have to pay up to £19.95.    

Specialist Websites

Do you have a collection of books or CDs that you no longer use? If so, it is the time to discard it off through some specialist sites. You can consider Music Magpie and We Buy Books to make money in exchange for old and useless CDs/DVDs and books. However, you have to pay some fee for the listing to grab the attention of potential collectors. 

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