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August can now generate smart entry codes for Airbnb guests

August Lock embarks on the car sharing industry, thus facilitating the process of auditing an Airbnb client.

Airbnb did what he could in recent months to make control simple and clear. For example, the company has created a new tool that allows hosts to spell registration instructions within the application, all in a single stream, to ensure that the guests have all the information they need.

But that did not solve the biggest problem of all: the key.

On the one hand, people do not often have a lot of interest in meeting strangers, especially when they are freshly landed from an airplane or from an airplane. a trip on the road. Secondly, it's annoying to block this time (sometimes leaving work) to deliver a key to an Airbnb guest. And then, there is the question of getting keys copied or re-tooled your smart lock to temporarily offer foreign access.

This is where August comes in.

August now, Airbnb and Homeaway are hosting their accounts in August. When a guest delivers to his home, August generates a smart code that lasts for the duration of the stay and no longer, allowing the guest to easily register and come and go without the host having To babysit.

Customers will receive their PIN and instructions via email.

Hosts simply need a Smart Smart Lock and a smart keyboard to start letting the technology do the heavy lifting. And, in fact, August is entering into an agreement for 25% off the Smarter hosting package, which includes an August Smart Smart Lock, an August Connect Wi-Fi bridge and a keyboard smart August.

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This, coupled with other startup services like Handy, should make becoming an Airbnb host as simple as pressing a few buttons.