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Australian Post Dance Instructor Finds Success With Bitcoin, Helps Newcomers

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According to the Australian publication SBS News, a pole dance instructor has found success after investing in bitcoin. cryptocurrency in July and has tripled its initial investment since their.

Dee Heath owns a pole dance fitness business in west Sydney, and earlier this year decided to invest in bitcoin. S addressing to SBS News, she confessed that despite the love of pole dance, cryptocurrency has been her passion. Last month, the Sydney Morning Herald said it was even considering becoming a full-time investor, despite the potential risks.

Thanks to her success, the business woman decided to create a website in which she explains bitcoin to newcomers, so that they could also start with cryptocurrency. The website,, basically gives new users an overview of what Bitcoin is, and how they can buy it and create a portfolio.

Explaining her investment, she revealed that it's important not to let emotions run the same way that people have to handle cryptocurrency to stay safe. She said:

"It comes with any investment, it is sometimes volatile, especially cryptocurrencies.What is good is that when it goes down, you can buy it from there. others, and you know it's going to increase at some point as long as you're calm and you do not let the emotions run around when you're dealing with some kind of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, then you're safe . "

Dee Heath has revealed in the past that she only invests what she is willing to lose and that it is important not to insist that '' there is a sharp decline in the value of cryptocurrency. It also revealed that it has invested in country offices, but only a very limited amount because it considers them to be high-risk investments.

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Torncar Australia, a Melbourne-based company manufacturing all-terrain vehicles, also revealed that she had been accepting bitcoin for four years. A spokesman for the company revealed that a customer had bought a car with cryptocurrency, while "four or five other customers" were regularly buying parts and accessories.

However, SBS News also noted that Professor David Glance, of the Center for Software Practice of the University of Western Australia, said that bitcoin has been used to buy and sell drugs on the black web, and that some Jamie Dimon, compared crypto-currency to the tulip mania that hit the Netherlands in the 17th century.

In Australia, a bill on the regulation of bitcoins has recently been adopted, which has increased efforts in the fight against money laundering and terrorism. Despite this decision, the country's central bank recently warned that cryptocurrencies raised "significant problems" for the authorities.

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