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B2B Developer Marketing? It's complicated.

We have covered a lot of ground up to now in terms of marketing for developers, from how to deploy content marketing to the importance of not making assumptions about them based on the developers you might meet. know.

I have a pretty important tip to add to all of this: When doing marketing to developers, never forget the fact that you're not just trying to do marketing with developers.

Who do you really sell to ? Code or software design is never autonomous. It's part of something bigger: a product, whether it's an application or a business platform.

Beyond that, you may need to consider your potential customer's product as part of something even bigger: the company that markets it, or an ecosystem of developers or a community of people. Users built around it.

Developers are not your only audience. There are others who will have a say in the buying process, and you will need to determine who they are – and how to engage them too.

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