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Bag Week 2018: The Bitcoin Genesis Block Backpack Will Centralize Your Business

Welcome to 2018 Bag Week. Every year your TechCrunch loyal friends spend an entire week looking at the bags. Why? Because the bags – often ignored but full of our important electronic components – are the external representations of our techie styles, and we put too little thought in the place where we keep our most valued possessions.

It's hard to show people that you love blockchain. There are no cool caps, no t-shirts, no outside signs – except for a libertarian fold and a Vitalik Buterin poster on the wall of your room – to tell the world that you are in decentralized monetary systems. Until that, of course, the Bitcoin Genesis Block backpack.

Unlike the blockchain, this backpack will centralize your belongings in a fairly large and fairly standard backpack. The backpack itself is unique – it's a solid piece made of 100% polyester with ergonomic shoulder straps and a secret pocket – but it's printed with the Bitcoin Genesis Block, including a close-up on UK bank bailouts. In short, it is Merkle tree-riffic.

The green and orange text looks a bit like Matrix-y but it's all a lot of fun and definitely a conversation starter. Again, I doubt that it will last more than a few trips to Malta or Luxembourg, but it's a great way to let Bitcoin whales know that your ICO is a bargain.

The bag comes to us from BitcoinShirt, a company that manufactures and sells bitcoin-related products and accepts several cryptocurrencies. Although this backpack does not withstand 51% of attacks on its structural integrity, it is a fun and inexpensive way to show the world that you are pro-Nakamoto.

As we sink headlong into a future crypto do not fear, smart conscious contract lover of fashion: the Bitcoin Genesis Block backpack is here to show the world that you are indeed HODLing. For the moon!

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