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Bankera: The Bank for the Blockchain era

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Bankera, the blockchain-era bank, is on track to realize the economies of scale banks appreciate, but using the advantages of blockchain technology. The company already has significant financial and infrastructure services, which will prove beneficial to investors when the ICO will begin November 27, 2017.

Having recently entered into a pre-ICO with 2.5 billion BNK chips worth 25 million euros, Bankera already pays weekly commissions based on 20% of the turnover. net because it is already operational via its SpectroCoin MVP.

Under the SpectroCoin brand, Bankera already manages a cryptocurrency exchange, an electronic purse, a debit card and a payment processing service. SpectroCoin provides Bankera with a ready-to-use customer base of more than 400,000 users, more than 63,000 payment cards, an average daily volume of 580,000 euros, as well as the support of more than 50 blockchain specialists.

Thus, the basic financial infrastructure for banking services has been established, as SpectroCoin's banking services include payment processing, debit cards, global bank accounts, foreign exchange transactions and more. .

A strategic approach

Bankera takes a strategic approach to banking by focusing on the scale and removing counterparties in order to offer more profitable banking services using blockchain technology. When most financial blockchain projects focus on a financial project, such as loans or remittances, Bankera focuses on building a bank that will be a one-stop-shop for financial services, such as traditional banks.

The company has an IT infrastructure and regulatory provisions necessary to offer IBAN codes that can be used to make and accept payments in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

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These advantages give Bankera the ability to offer competitive currency exchange rates, in addition to profitable global bank wire and a payment card. The technology already includes SEPA payments, payment card integration, general ledger, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, fraud analysis and more. NEM is coming soon.

The company will seek additional licenses to support a full range of fiat and digital currencies, and support cross-border transactions without intermediaries. He will participate in financial networks such as SEPA in the EU, Faster Payments in the UK and ETF in Canada, and will serve as the issuer of major payment card systems.

For corporate clients, Bankera will improve its cash flow by providing funds for payment processing.

For consumers, it will create an investment vehicle that will automatically make adjustments with respect to inflation.

The OIC, scheduled from November 27, 2017 to the end of February, will provide capital to enable Bankera to expand its services and compete with banks in all areas, such as foreign exchange, foreign exchange payments, loans and investments. ]

Reduction of counterparts

By reducing the number of counterparties involved in banking transactions, Bankera will reduce the cost of banking. Such a reduction in counterparty has already occurred in e-commerce, where consumers purchase products directly from manufacturers.

The company will be able to pass on interbank exchange rates to its clients involved in foreign exchange transactions. Interbank exchange rates will be available using the credit card and making global transfers or exchanging currency between accounts.

Bankera will initially offer portfolios in more than 20 fiduciary currencies, including USD, EUR and GBP, as well as digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Dash and NEM. As central banks deploy digital currencies, Bankera will provide them with access.

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With the help of new technology, Bankera will tackle longstanding financial problems. An example is the inability of consumers to invest money to cope with inflation. Bankera will offer low-cost exchange-traded funds for payments. For merchants, Bankera will tackle fraud, chargeback risk and stagnant capital caused by mobile reserves and long settlement times by providing customer detection solutions and fraud and inbound payments .

The company has already obtained a payment institution (PI) license and will soon have an electronic money institution (EMI) license before the start of the ICO on November 27th.

Advantages of the token

Token holders will use BNK to pay for Bankera services at a discounted rate. They will receive a commission of 20% of net transaction fees paid weekly by Bankera and SpectroCoin customers.

During the OIC, 30% of all BNK chips will be offered for purchase. Participants offering secondary coins will also have the opportunity to buy 30% of BNK chips. The remainder will be distributed to employees and advisors as a reward and will be used for marketing purposes.

The total absolute ceiling for pre-ICO and ICO is BNK 10 billion. If the hard cap is not reached during the OIC, the remaining chips will be distributed to the participants before the OIC and to the ICO on a pro rata basis.