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Bannersnack makes it easy to hit the monkey (and more)

An app like Bannersnack is something you never think you need until you do it. Designed by Gabriel Ciordas, a Romanian digital marketer, this application called FlashEff and was used to create Flash banners for online marketers. Over time, however, HTML5 and graphics have surpassed Flash, and the company has evolved easy-to-use design tools for marketers and business owners.

The service is free to try and costs $ 7 per month 30 static images thirty and $ 18 per month gets you integrated banners with full scans. The society is fully primed and has been working in space since 2008.

"Bannersnack has always been self-financing, we built our resources step by step, as our business grew with our efforts, and we think it's fair to say that we've worked for every penny we had and reinvested in the growth of our business, "Ciordas said.

The service has 100,000 monthly users who create 180,000 visuals per month. They offer standalone graphics as well as responsive HTML5 images. The most interesting tool, the Banner Builder, instantly creates banners in multiple sizes, freeing business owners to do what they do best: sell things .

Once again, it is rare to see a product focused on a unique and important niche and Bannersnack is perfect. While you can launch Pixelmator and try to create your own banners, this tool is surprisingly nice to use and works very well.

"Our primary goal is to empower marketers, designers, and business owners, while reshaping how agencies and businesses create visuals for marketing purposes," said M Ciordas. After all, not everyone has the skills or the talent to create flashing banners with interesting mortgage reduction opportunities and free iPad draws.

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