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Bears were attacked during Bitcoin downtime

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Since Bitcoin plummeted $ 20,000, positive predictions abated with bears emerging from their caves, becoming more vocal. In such a market for Bitcoin, it is easy to predict slowdowns, which feeds many anti-Bitcoiners to spread the negativity of bubbles and accidents.

Cleary carried by his last statement on Bitcoin Peter Boockvar is one of those people. He came out again saying that the bubble is about to jump and that Bitcoin will drop to about $ 1,000.

Bleakley Advisory Group chief investment officer called Bitcoin a few days before touching $ 20,000 and collapsed halfway

This Wall Street veteran again emphasizes the gap still very marked on Wall Street. With more adoption, there has been some softening of opinions, so even the faithful Jamie Dimon has changed his tone.

In the current cryptocurrency market, it is easy to make predictions about Bitcoin. who has trouble coming back from his fall. As such, there was a crash of bears in the foreground.

FUD or market manipulation?

These predictions can not be stopped, or should not be, because that is the freedom of expression. opinion of an expert in the field – although sometimes the field of institutionalized investment is far from cryptomarketing.

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However, their power is apparent in the power of positive prediction and the hype that accompanies them. In last year's race at Bitcoin Summit, the likes of Ronnie Moas, John McAfee, Tom Lee and others struggled to maintain their predictions with the rising price of the digital currency.

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These bulls were slightly silenced and he left an open firebox for Boockvar, who said:

"I think that With time, Bitcoin will last a long time but the price itself would not surprise me if over the next year it is $ 1,000 to $ 3,000. "

This is, of course, an opinion of someone who has been anti-Bitcoin and bearish on his chances. What this implies for Boockvar, is no longer how it can affect the stock market, an environment in which the Wall Street veteran is much more comfortable.

"From an economic point of view, this is not really Boockvar said when asked if the collapse of Bitcoin would have profound implications.

"Maybe in South Korea and Japan – and even in the United States – where people take credit card debts to buy coins.

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Who to Trust

While the sentiment in the encryption market is still strongly influenced in one way or another, with very little time for stability In these bearish times, it's easy to make negative comments about the odds of Bitcoins, and similarly, it's easy to predict the moon in good times.

Fundstat founder and strategist, Lee is one of the few on Bitcoiners who express themselves. Instead of seeing the low points of the Bitcoin trajectory as panic points, he sees them as buying opportunities. Lee says:

"We expect Bitcoin's low to be $ 9,000, and we would be aggressive buyers around this level […] We consider this $ 9,000 as the greatest buying opportunity in 2018.

He also added a reversal of Boockvar's view that Ethereum and Ethereum Classic would experience a growth of about 90% in the future. 39, here the end of the year.

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