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Businessdigit is an educative, source of knowledge and vision-helper for small and medium startups, digital marketer, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs worldwide.
We focus mainly on some set of people;

1 People who want to get a profitable niche, start a business so that they can be successful, and live a new life,
2 People who want financial freedom but don’t know where to start and what todo,
3 People who need to learn customer relationship management skills to get more customer and retain them, so they can capture their heart, create a lasting relationship, get more conversion, make sales and profit,
4 People who want to have content marketing planning skills to develop killer content with the right keywords, so they can get more audience and keep them
engaged, and
5 People who want to know copy writing tips to write an attractive sales copy, so they can make good sales

Since you have the knowledge of what we do here, and you are skilled, wise and have experiences, which you can share with the global audience in any those mentioned categories; we can consider you as a guest writer to spread your expertise and change people’s lives with advice and directions that can positively influence their lives

What we offer to Guest Writers:

Opportunity to Reach Out to Business-Minded Audience

Businessdigit gives a chance to the skilled writers to publish a permanent value-added content that will reach the business-minded audience who are ready to take action. However, as the author, you will be acknowledged and have the opportunity to link back to your site or social media with the right anchor text.

Choose Convenient Topic

You are free to choose the topic that is convenient for you and you are “very” good at writing. We do not welcome people who are learning how to write. Moreover, the topic
of your choice must relate to the goal of Businessdigit as mentioned above. We will share your content on our social media channels; however, as an expert in a field, we
offer more exposure by featuring content with the highest view or those with high value in our newsletter.


To have an enjoyable guest writing experience, we want you to abide by the below guidelines. We seek to offer educational, practical actions, and enriching contents to readers.
1. Your profile should have your real photo or company logo (preferably 300x300px).
2. Your profile should have your social handle(s) and a short biography (100 words, but Ok if shorter).
3. Your content should be up to 500 words using the right keywords (We provide One link back to your site or social media page).
4. Your content should have a YouTube related video link or a featured photo. – 1300×867 px JPG or PNG (please provide where you got the photo from, even if designed in-house).
5. Your content MUST be unique, and the idea must be fresh and new
6. Write only what you know best
You can now fill the below form and start writing.