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Beef Up customer experience with these 4 tips

Today, corporate mandates not only offer quality products and services, but customer experience (CX) is appreciated at every point of contact. In fact, CX has changed the game in almost every vertical. The more efficient your CX is, the more loyal customers, the high quality net referrals and the higher your costs.

In fact, a recent Salesforce report revealed that 50% of consumers are likely to change brands if a company does not anticipate their needs; and 52% of consumers will change brands if a company does not personalize communications with them.

CX Tips

Need to strengthen your CX? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Build it in everything you do

CX is not just a slogan, or something that you ask your employees to deliver on special occasions. To be successful, it has to be part of the fabric of your business, that you talk about it at every meeting with every hand and that you are a key part of your business strategy.

2. Emphasize the promotion of authentic relations

Nextiva employees are known for sending flowers to their customers when they are in trouble and delivering wine bottles for wedding anniversaries. Since our inception in 2008, our commitment to Amazing Service has been focused on creating and maintaining authentic relationships with our customers. This is not a gadget, and our customers know it.

3. Anticipating the needs of customers

Save regularly with your customers. Discuss with them from other parts of their company, issues / concerns that do not directly relate to your solution. By doing this, you will not only learn to know them better (and they will appreciate your interest), but you will probably learn how to anticipate their needs and help them solve everyday headaches. Do this and you will have customers for life.

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4. Spend time recruiting and retaining top talent

The root of any CX success comes down to strategic hiring. Concentrate on retaining the best possible talents and then treating them as gold – every day. Happy employees mean satisfied customers, which only helps your profitability.

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