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Best PC gaming machines and accessories of 2017

The best accessories of PC game of 2017

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If you’re like me You’ve spent most of your devoted playing career in console life, but maybe, like me, you start thinking about investing in a PC gaming setup to access all those games you missed Exhausted over the years

But where do you start? Obviously, you will need a desktop computer or a laptop? But have you thought of all the other pieces of equipment you will need? What about a keyboard, a mouse and a headset? There are many things that go into a PC gaming setup and we are lucky for you, we are here to guide you.

We tested and tested dozens or even hundreds of game peka mice gaming keyboards gaming headphones desktop computers VR-ready and gaming notebooks to find the best in each category. Now that we can definitely say which is the best keyboard or mouse for games, here’s what you need to get started as a gaming pro.

Asus G11CD – Best VR-Ready Desktop

While many people might advise you to build your own desktop PC if you want to play, not everyone has the time or the l & # 39; 39, envy and affordable computers compatible with Oculus to find what was the best and the Asus G11CD impressed our criticism from the start.

It hits this sweet spot affordability and perfect power for those new to the PC world, plus is not the giant juggernaut that other desktops are proving to be. In fact, it is perfectly sized to fit into a smaller space like a modest apartment or living room.

Another key selling point was the layout of the port. You will probably need to remove and plug in your VR headset of your choice several times a day or a week. You want this process to be as easy as possible and the G11CD makes it easy with clearly marked ports that will not leave you frustrated with a handful of cables.

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Razer Blade – Best Gaming Laptop

Our high-end notebook is also an excellent buy for both advanced users and gamers MacBook Pro, this Razer features state-of-the-art Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics, a good keyboard and normal USB ports Thunderbolt 3 allows you to connect Razer’s Core accessory to boost your graphics performance even more.

So, if you’re looking to play on the go, we recommend you spend the extra dough to get a machine that will meet your expectations. A gaming laptop will not be able to achieve the performance levels that a desktop can collect (usually for less money), but if portability is important, you will not be able to achieve the performance levels that a desktop computer can collect (usually for less money), but if portability is important, you will not be able to. may have no choice

HyperX Cloud – Best Game Headphones

While the HyperX Cloud is an old model that has been replaced by the HyperX Cloud II the original Cloud headset is still the It is extremely comfortable and comes with leatherette or velvet earbuds, an audio control box and a detachable mic. The aluminum body is strong and durable enough to last a long time if you plan to take your game on the run.

When it comes to audio performance, you have to be a little cautious. These things are explosive, if you do not pay attention, they could destroy your ears. But once you have selected the right volume, you have a headset that transmits all the notes and scope of your audio game with superbly detailed clarity. I’ve been constantly surprised by the new sound effects I’ve heard while playing Overwatch, a game I’ve connected to for over 400 hours. Not to mention the detachable mic that, although not as clear and powerful as the Razer ManO’s Wars, still impressed me.

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Logitech Pro – Best Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech Pro Offers the Perfect Combination of Reliable Performance , compact in size and features simple and sturdy – with most keyboards and detachable cable, the Pro excels at portability.Mechanical keys relied on fast, reliable movement, and the symmetrical layout was ideal for typing general as well as for games, no matter the genre f game you play

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Razer Mamba Tournament Edition – Best Gaming Mouse

When We Tested Mouse Game There was a lot to consider when it s & # He tried to find the best. Mamba Tournament Edition is by far the best gaming mouse for most players.

Unlike many mice we tested, the Mama Tournament Edition Tournament Edition was very enjoyable to use thanks to high quality materials and a balanced weight that does not need to be balanced in the slightest. Unless you need a mouse with a button to map your keyboard shortcuts for an MMO or MOBA, it’s the best gaming mouse for your money.

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