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Billy Mann discusses video humor as a marketing tool

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Humor has been rated as one of the most engaging content types when video genres were recently studied by BuzzSumo. And Edison Research found in its own independent research that audiences between 12 and 24 years old prefer Instagram (73%), Snapchat (79%) and (11%) – all platforms serving locations potential for posting video content.

When the research confirms what you knew, it might be wise to weigh the possibilities. Of the videos you create to promote your business, how many are funny?

Using humor in social media marketing

In social media, fun videos are likely to be shared. Brian G. Peters, digital marketing strategist at Buffer, explains, "The problem is that it's hard to create fun videos, but if you're a funny person, you're in luck because that's all it takes." is a very engaging type of video. to have been ranked number one in the BuzzSumo study if humor was not so difficult to create? And how much harder is live comedy? Living or not, planned or not, comedy has always been one of the hardest to crack.

Small Business Trends has contacted Billy Mann, professional artist and social media personality, to discuss the serious use of humor in social media marketing.

Billy Mann is an actor, singer, voice over talent, dancer, writer As a semi-professional skier and a graduate in mechanical engineering, he says his main goal with this versatile skill set is to have a positive impact on the world by helping everyone to smile. With viral advertising and working with YouTube filmmakers, Mann has a broad reach (combined views and followers combined) and a deep understanding of the industry and how to interact with his audience.He says his charisma "cheesy but charming "on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram,, etc. is part of its business of influence .. state of mind.

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Small Business Trends: I can only guess that the affairs of comedy are actually more complex than they think. What are creative memories like? What did you learn while working with brands?

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Billy Mann: Well done. the end result of a comedy story for a brand looks like a sunbeam and at high levels, but it's sometimes a very complex process. The most important things I've learned while working with brands is to make sure that the story is not just silly for nonsense, but also tells a coherent tale. Also, you want to be sure that no matter what you cast, you make the brand the hero of the story. Whether they want explosive markings or more subtle phrases that look nothing like advertisements or partnerships, companies like when they are the winners of creation. Also learn to collaborate on notes of ideas with customers so that we both get what we want has been a great learning curve. As often as possible, you want to be sure to keep your own voice and artistic integrity while meeting the brand's requirements. In this way, everyone wins.

Small Business Trends: What's wrong with your field?

Billy Mann: One problem I see in my field is the lack of tax compliance. That being said, I fully understand the concept of ROI and building a portfolio that would be worthwhile for a company to invest money. However, too often, companies today expect a lot of creative work – work that requires advance planning and sometimes difficult execution – for little or no payment. Hopefully over time, brands will realize that if they address a particular person for some stylization of history or creativity, the time spent creating the Such a story is worth more than a label in a description. Exposure and compensation are two different things.

Small Business Trends: Are you invited to make live video or primarily of the story format?

Billy Mann: More often than not, I've been asked to make short or long stories, because the public loves my bizarre comedy with crazy situations and effects sound that can not always be reproduced via livestream. However, with my recent growth on live platforms, I'm sure the inclusion of livestreaming will be part of the package package.

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Small Business Trends: So, you also travel abroad to work. Do clients tell you what foreign cultures think is funny and not funny?

Billy Mann: This is actually a great question. No, they never needed to inform me about the culture of a new country because my creative pitch for every job in the country would be pre-approved before I fly to make the partnership . I've also tracked my progress on Snapchat and Instagram by asking each new speaker where he's coming from and keeping notes in my phone, so currently, about 85 different countries are enjoying my comedy style. This means that my creative pitches sometimes only need slight adjustments because the appeal of comedy styles is universally understood and appreciated.

Small Business Trends: Tell us something about yourself that you do not normally mention.

Billy Mann: In my free time, I made jewels to amuse myself. Like earrings and bracelets and stuffs of colored metal rings that I would arrange in patterns.

Small Business Trends: Were you still funny? What is your story back?

Billy Mann: I do not know if I've always been funny, but I've always been very energetic. I grew up north of Lake Tahoe in Truckee, California, where I started skiing at the age of two. It became my profession and I traveled as a competitive half moon skier.

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I competed at World Cups until I unfortunately broke my knees at the Olympic qualifiers in New Zealand in 2013. I was balancing between skiing and skiing. 39, university, so after surgery, I went back to school. It was during this loss of ski racing that I had an existential crisis: "Without my ski, what am I now?" At that time, my brother had got his first job in the industry as screenwriter Nickelodeon, and that 's when I realized what I would do. I would like to work on my buttocks to help people smile, to help make a positive impact on the world through entertainment and play.

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My brother gave me excellent advice: "Find what you want to do in life, and learn more than anyone else." That's exactly what I started make. I did comedy, I attended interpretation / singing / dancing classes, I learned everything that I thought was inclusive in the entertainment industry. I then met Randomly a famous YouTube filmmaker from Utah and we succeeded. I moved to Utah to work with him and other filmmakers in this field. Best decision of my life! I have been working hard to build my resume since then to better realize my dream of helping the world to smile.

Small Business Trends: How Should People Take You?

Billy Mann: What's great with social media and technology is that this question has so many answers! Anyone interested in getting in touch can send an email [email protected] or send me a text to 5302632880 or send a snap or DM to my Snapchat or Instagram to mannbilly – that's the name of my brand.

Images: Billy Mann

This is part of the series of interviews of Small Business Trends Livestreamed Livelihoods with sessions with actors today in the livestream world.

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