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Binance Exchange Interrupts Trading, Withdrawals on Server Problem, Ensures No Hack & # 39;

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange currently ranked second at OKEx on CoinMarketCap in trading volume, has temporarily suspended withdrawals and trading.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, tweeted on Feb. 7 at 6:38 pm Eastern Time that the exchange was experiencing a server error that could be resolved in a few hours and that "no data is not lost. "

About two hours later, Zhao tweeted that the new estimate for resolving out of sync data was 10 hours. A separate tweet promptly apologized to Binance's customers for the system's prolonged and unexpected downtime:

Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken had experienced similar unexpected shutdowns in January, when it was the first time that the Cryptocurrency exchange took place. a two hour scheduled upgrade will be processed in more than two days until the exchange is back online.

According to the official Twitter of Binance, commercial activity is expected to resume on February 9 at 4:00 pm (UTC) (11:00 pm EST). Customers will have 30 minutes before the trade begins to withdraw orders.

Zhao denied that any hacking on Binance took place:

Binance had seen such an influx of new customers, adding 250 million in one day on Jan. 4 and 240,000 users in one hour, January 13, they temporarily suspended new users in early January. The Bittrex and Bitfinex exchanges also stopped new users for the same reason.

Binance was the largest encryption exchange in the world in mid-January, welcoming at one point nearly $ 5 billion over a 24-hour period. . OKEx now occupies first place for trading volume on CoinMarketCap, about $ 3.5 billion over a 24 hour period by the time press, with Binance trading volume at around $ 2.1 billion over a 24-month period. hours by the time presses.

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