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Bitcoin account holder loses $ 100,000 on a public wireless network

An unidentified 36-year-old man with a Bitcoin account lost more than 100,000 euros ($ 117,000) ) of Bitcoins while it was connected a public wireless network in a restaurant in Vienna, Austria

The Austrian police, however, claimed that they are still investigating whether the account of the Victim has already been hacked before he opens his account on the unsecured network, reports CBS.

This last case reflects the growing concern about the security of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum amid their growing popularity as a method of payment.

Perhaps the most infamous loss of Bitcoins due to security problems occurred in 2014 when the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox collapsed following a breach on its platform and a large amount of cryptocurrency has been stolen. Former CEO of the exchange, Mark Karpelès, is currently being tried in Japan for data manipulation and embezzlement.

Other cases of security breaches

Mid-2017, the largest Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange In South Korea, Bithumb was also attacked by pirates and stole Cryptocurrencies of an estimated value of 1.2 billion won or more than $ 1 million. A man from Pennsylvania also admitted to recently stealing $ 40 million from Bitcoins


Despite these incidents, digital currencies continue to gain popularity among investors. For this reason, the Ethereum price, for example, has already climbed 2,600% in just a few months, rising from $ 8.17 in early 2017. The main Bitcoin cryptocurrency has grown from $ 1,027 in early 39, year to more than $ 8,000.

During trading in New York on November 21, 2017, the Bitcoin price reached a new record of $ 8,339 despite losses earlier in the day due to the reported $ 31 million robbery of Tether.

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