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Bitcoin Buzz in the NFL Playoffs

Betting has long been a favorite pastime of sports fanatics and this fervor has spread throughout the world of cryptocurrency.

The NFL playoffs are already underway, but it's not too late to have a chance to earn a bit of Bitcoin during the business. end of the football season.

There can be no denying the hype surrounding the NFL, especially as we approach the Super Bowl which in recent years has collected no less than 100 million viewers.

It's really a no-brainer that marrying the NFL with Bitcoin, which was the second most-searched term on Google in 2017, will make headlines.

FanDuel, a fantastic online sports games company, runs a league that offers winners various rewards in bitc oin over the next few weeks. According to Business Wire, this is a first for the online sports gaming community.

Fantasy sports have become massively popular in the world and FanDuel's financial director Andy Giancamilli says that the incentive to offer Bitcoin reward "FanDuel has always sought to offer its users the experiences and the the most unique and rewarding prices, "said Andy Giancamilli, CFO of FanDuel. Bitcoin, we recognize that most of our users are early users of technology and have a significant interest in cryptocurrency. Our fans love playing on our site and we think it will be a reward that they really appreciate.

Two competitions – four Bitcoin ($ 65,000) in play

Fantasy league players may enter a free-to-play contest that rewards a Bitcoin to the winner of & # 39 Bowl Free Bitcoin Game.

The "Bitcoin Bowl Tournament", a multi-entry competition costing $ 3 per two Bitcoin winner in rewards. Finishing in second place bid 0.5 Bitcoin while third and fourth places will receive 0.25 Bitcoin each.

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A player must choose a complete starting team consisting of a quarterback, a kicker, a tight end, a defense and three wide receivers and two halves The different players have different scoring opportunities that are recorded during a match, according to this Rotogrinders guide.


The wildcard round of the NFL playoffs began on January 6th.

First, the Tennessee Titans beat the Kansas City Chiefs 22-21 while the Atlanta Falcons beat the Los Angeles Rams 26-13

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Buffalo Bills 10-3 while the Orleans Saints defeated the South Carolina Panthers on Jan. 31.