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Bitcoin Destined For $ 28,000 In 2018 – Moas

If there had not been a massive price correction in the week before Christmas, another big forecast of price for Bitcoin in 2018 would not be difficult to

However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency experienced sharp declines in market capitalization due to a number of factors and predictions Highs seemed unfathomable as a result of a massive decline in value.

the markets have now consolidated and the Bitcoin and Ethereum companies have recovered well – it is good to review some targets set by Moas, which provided reliable and well-informed estimates in 2017.

Cointelegraph last week in an exclusive profile interview, Moas explained why he believes that Bitcoin is destined to become the most valuable currency in the world. The 50-year-old is confident that he will eventually overtake China and the gold in terms of market capitalization:

"Bitcoin should jump 20x from where it is now to reach this point number one.That would put its valuation at about $ 6 million, which is close to gold and China now. "

" Why I think Bitcoin deserves the same valuation as gold? It's very simple, I do not know how much gold there is in the ground, but I know how much Bitcoin there is, and i also know that if the current pace continues with one to two million people in the world opening up new crypto accounts.At here two years we will have a few hundred million people who will try to get their hands on some millions of Bitcoin available. "

Another determining factor in the prediction of Moas in 20 18 is the reality. provision of Bitcoin. A recent study estimated that nearly four million Bitcoin are lost forever – representing more than 20% of the coins mined to date. This is not counting the bullish investors who 'hodl' their Bitcoin:

"The number (of Bitcoin available) is much lower than what people think it is." Much of the Bitcoin has been lost, some of it is It was not mined and many people like me do not want to sell their bitcoin at any price. "

So where does this leave Moas in terms of 39, price target in 2018? To understand how he will put a price on the virtual currency, we must understand where he comes from in the first place:

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"My feeling is that Bitcoin will reach the top of the mountain. Regarding my price goals, I started with a target of $ 50,000 in July – we were at $ 2,570 at the time.I had told people that I really thought it was would happen at that point, they would have thought I was drugged, you can not put a target of $ 200 to $ 300,000 on something when you're trading at $ 2,570, people will not take you not so seriously. "

" So, I've set my target apart, the news comes out, and the obstacles and dominoes in Bitcoin's way are being knocked down, 39, adjust my price target. "

Moas has already drawn a line in the sand:

" My target for 2018 is 2 $ 8,000 and it could be improved in the coming months.

Futures Legitimize Crypto

Taking Bitcoin to its present value means that there are many needs to be met if it meets the expectations of Moas over the next 12 years month.

However, the top rated securities manager highlights the favorable reaction to the launch of Bitcoin futures as well as the ramifications and future prospects of mass adoption by Wall Street. .

"Many people do not realize that the day before everything that I learned during my 20 years in the stock market is translated into the crypto market and that places me in a unique situation to understand what is happening right now. "

" People who do not understand the functioning of the financial markets have probably already left Bitcoin after doubling, tripling and quadrupling.

Moas insists that people should not sell their Bitcoin and treat it as bullish investors.

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"In the last 15 years, Amazon has gone from $ 20 to $ 1,150, even though people were trying to sell it all the time, arguing that this business was not worth what it was selling because up to a few years Amazon was losing money on every book sold.There were people who just did not understand how that thing was rated, so they were betting against it and they were getting their heads in a plate. "

Aiming for his views on Bitcoin bears that have now entered the market, Moas warned that they could be burned if they try to bypass the market.

"That's what will happen to people who are trying to bet against Bitcoin. That's why I do not worry about what's happening in the futures market. The futures market is essentially a mark of approval on crypto and it legitimizes the crypto as a new class of assets. There will be a little more volatility now that CME and CBOE are involved, but once Wall Street enters the arena, the valves will open. "

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