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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, EOS: Price Analysis, February 14, 2018

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Regulators around the world are trying to stifle the popularity of cryptocurrencies. But every time they do that, the crypto world bounces stronger and stronger than ever before.

Jesse Powell, founder and CEO of Kraken, estimates that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will more than double from current levels and reach the $ 1 trillion mark by the end of the year. 39, year

However, as the market matures, it will begin to differentiate between crypto-currencies. Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, thinks that many will fall to zero because they have nothing of interest to offer.

But is there any way to stop the pump and discharge

Lon Wong, president of NEM, believes that nothing can be done about price manipulation until the market matures.

As traders, we always keep a protective stop to protect our capital. and because crypto markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the risks of opening a gap are non-existent. Thus, our readers should not worry even if the prices of some cryptocurrencies fall to zero.

Let's see if we find bullish arrangements on any of the 9 best coins.


Bitcoin is trying to expand its recovery, but is likely to face a strong resistance from current levels at the $ 9,500 mark, from the line of downtrend, 20-day EMA and horizontal resistance.

<img alt=" BTC / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/c5bcb13426f19cc9dbfa4acd0e8ace6d.png "title =" BTC / USD "/>

There are two possibilities – the price will either clear up or fall from here Can we know for sure which one will happen? No, therefore, we should be ready for both scenarios.

If the pair BTC / USD This is a break of $ 9,500 and a duration of four hours, which confirms a break and we recommend long positions with a stop loss Secondly, if the price drops by $ 9,500 and falls below $ 7,800, a shift to $ 7,000 is likely.

As we do not t have a confirmation of a background yet, it is recommended to keep the size of the position only 50 percent of the usual.


Ethere u m formed an interior candlestick pattern yesterday, February 13th. Today, he is trying to extend the retreat.

<img alt=" ETH / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/c76aefc9a152e244c1d17f43526295cc.png "title =" ETH / USD "/>

The the recovery seems solid because the ETH / USD has not yielded much ground since its trough on February 6 to 565.54 dollars.

The resistance above is at the EMA to 20 days at $ 902 and 50-day ADM at $ 985, while support is $ 775.

Aggressive traders may initiate long positions when the price exceeds $ 902 for four hours. should be closed to the 50-day SMA, if the cryptocurrency struggles to get out of it, otherwise a move towards the resistance line of the descending channel, around the $ 1,050 to $ 1,100 mark, could occur.


Since February 8, Bitcoin Cash has been Like most cryptocurrencies show sign We believe that this consolidation will be resolved upwards. 9007]

<img alt=" BCH / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/607580fcf006cb6f34cfc06ed8988faa.png "title =" BCH / USD "/>

The BCH The USD / USD has a history of vertical rallies so we want to take this trade.Today, the price has broken with the downtrend and the downtrend, but it still has to cross the 20-day EMA , which is $ 1,351

We recommend a purchase at $ 1,400. The upward movement can extend to the 50-day SMA at $ 1,860 and thereafter at $ 2,000. The stop loss for trade can be maintained at $ 1,100.


Ripple has been trading in a narrow range for four days. at a 20-day resistance to the EMA.If this bursts, we expect it to take off

<img alt=" XRP / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/592e6c493f1124d344f36cbc7a925bc7.png "title =" XRP / USD "/>

Therefore, we recommended a long position on the XRP / USD pair in our previous analysis.

We reiterate our call for purchase because most crypto-currencies move We believe it's possible to get a $ 1.50 and $ 1.74 rally thereafter, but we recommend only to buy after the digital currency has exceeded the levels of $ 1.08 for four hours


Stellar also shows signs of a change in trend: he broke the head resistance at $ 0.41 and is currently at the downstroke resistance line.

<img alt=" XLM / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storag e / uploads / view / 1a6f6c38066000a5af42a0ddb4526e7a.png "title =" XLM / USD "/>

Once the price is above the channel, it signals a change of trend and a move towards $ 0.63 is likely.We recommend a long position on the XLM / USD pair at $ 0.45 with a stop loss at 0 , $ 30 at the daily close (according to the UTC period.)

We note that resistance to the 50-day SMA should be watched carefully.If the bulls are struggling to get out of this situation, it is prudent to close the position


We have been optimistic about Litecoin in recent days.We have recommended a long position in our previous analysis.Our trade has started today. And our readers would have gone into long positions at $ 180. The sum of $ 175 has completed a double dip in the short term, which has a minimum target target of $ 242

<img alt=" LTC / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/ view / 6dc25b36ef19197aaa8bd0f00219884a.png "title =" LTC / USD "/>

The LTC / USD pair has offset the immediate resistance of the SMA to 50 days, it's a bullish sign.

The price should now rise to $ 242 and thereafter to $ 307 We had previously recommended a stop loss of $ 130, but after the breakout, the stops should be increased to $ 140

the increases are higher because we do not want to stay in the trade if the price falls below $ 175


Cardano does not find any 39; buyers. a decomposition of the bearish bear triangle model seems possible.

<img alt=" ADA / BTC "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/93e0c ea2539f23295ea03def4691dc0e.png "title =" ADA / BTC "/>

The price broke down from the critical support of 0.00004070. Unless the bulls are rapidly climbing above this level, there could be a drop to the next support level of 0.0000246.

Our bearish view on the pair ADA / BTC will be invalidated if the price comes out of the downtrend line the descending triangle.


The NEO has reached the critical resistance of $ 120 from where it has come back three times Once the cryptocurrency comes out of this level, we could see a movement towards the downtrend line of the descending triangle model.

<img alt=" NEO / USD "src =" https : //cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/a5fb3bc7fa704e467e08d95d72711b42.png "title =" NEO / USD "/>

We are maintaining our recommendation for a call given on the NEO / USD pair in our previous analysis. Traders may go long once the price exceeds $ 121 for four hours .The stop loss can be maintained at 100. Target target is a rally at $ 140.


EOS reached a critical resistance zone of 9.8 to 10.6 dollars, in this area, the resistance of the EMA to 20 days, of the SMA at 50 days and the downtrend line

<img alt=" EOS / USD "src =" https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/14092f6189baa4b9dae7919ef54e23e1.png "title =" EOS / USD "/>

The EOS / USD pair will change its trend once it comes out of the downtrend line, so far we are unable to recommend reliable transactions.

Market data is provided by HitBTC Exchange, diagrams for analysis are provided by TradingView.


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