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Bitcoin Forks or Bailouts? India gives 1.3% of GDP in cash to banks

Bitcoin holders are not the only ones to receive free money this quarter while the # 39; India is preparing to inject $ 32 billion into its banks

Exchanges in the increasingly important Bitcoin economy are announcing their outlook on the forks of Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x, the inherited finance gets a "game-changing" bailout from government to curb bad loans.

As CNBC reports the Goldman Sachs forecast, India could see the economic growth of the giant repair package, which equates to 1.3 percent of the country's GDP.

GDP growth could increase "up to five percent" one year after injection, the bank states.

National financial institutions in India have increasingly worried investors in recent years.

Earlier this month, before the announcement of cash, the rating agency Fitch sounded the alarm.

"Fitch believes that the government will have to inject a lot more, even on a minimum basis (out of buffers), if it wants to deal with the risks associated with the system of a huge NPL (not In the meantime, Aswath Damodara, the so-called "Dean of Evaluation" of the University of New York, said that he considered Bitcoin as a currency and that it was "I think the best way for Bitcoin is to make it a digital currency, a currency that you and I can take on a trip and actually use. buy things and sell things. If that happens, then I agree with the prices, "he told CNBC on Tuesday