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Bitcoin Gold Becomes Rocky Start After DDoS Attack

Recently, Bitcoin Gold became the last "fork" of the original Bitcoin digital currency, joining Bitcoin Cash which was the first fork lasts in August. However, the emergence of Bitcoin Gold has been much less controversial or even influential, but it has been rocky.

The goal of Bitcoin Gold is to be a currency that restores power to the ordinary miner and that allows anyone processing unit to exploit new cryptocurrency that has roots in the bitcoin of 39; origin.

However, Bitcoin Gold has virtually no chance of replacing Bitcoin on the market as a "fork", it's more a drop in air than a division of the chain. And, as such, his entry on the scene, was less than impressive.

Massive DDoS Attack

As Bitcoin Gold broke up, a tweet was sent that alerted the community that a massive DDoS attack had hidden the site.

"A massive DDoS attack on our cloud site," said a tweet from the Bitcoin Gold account. "10M requests per minute.We work with suppliers to ban all IP.We will be up soon!"

This means that what probably happened was that a network of hacked devices was accessing the site Bitcoin Gold 10 million times a day. minute to block legitimate traffic.

At 10 million attacks per minute, it was a fairly large diversion, but still not the largest. However, on the Bitcoin Gold Slack channel, it was announced that most of the attacks originated from China.

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A few hours later, Bitcoin Gold tweeted that the attack had been "treated" but that "it will take a little

A long way to Bitcoin Gold

Although he calls himself a fork, Bitcoin Gold does not really satisfy much of the alleged attributes of a

team. given a reasonable time on November 1 to "run" the coin properly by releasing the code and allowing people to extract it.At this point, people will also receive a mirror balance of their Bitcoin Bitcoin Gold

There have been warnings and non-support from many Bitcoin Gold exchanges, however, there is still interest in the chance of being credited with the equivalent amount of Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin gold futures traded at $ 117.50 per piece on Bit finex the day after the split.