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(+) Bitcoin Investment Trust reaches $ 700 as cryptocurrency resumes its upward trend

More quarrels in Washington among the Republican Party with Trump taking to Twitter for rail against a senator and another announcing his retirement only to dig into the President.

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The pleasure continues in politics but does not seem to have any effect on stocks. Tax reform is still widely expected and it is all that investors are concerned about right now. This and the results season, which is on track.

eToro, Senior Market Analyst

Please note: All data, figures and charts are valid as of October 25th. Every trade carries risks. Only venture capital that you are willing to lose.

Summary of the market

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to really fly. After suffering minor losses on Monday, the Dow Jones jumped 161 points yesterday.

For a dramatic effect, here is a graph of the benchmark since the beginning of the century …

Some excellent results from CAT and MMM have propelled the markets. AMD has released good figures after the closing bell, but investors have been disappointed with the source of their revenue in the future and it is expected that the opening of the markets will be about 10% lower when the market opens this afternoon.

The VIX volatility index is also awake and is well above the historically low levels seen at the beginning of the month.

Although most analysts agree that the market is overvalued, it still does not make sense to go there. One of my clients on eToro made an excellent speech on the network this morning explaining that it is there that patience comes into play and that for those who are preparing correctly, there could be a 10X opportunity shortly. .

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Here is my favorite part …

The author @NestorArmstrong from Mexico has delivered himself and about 80 copiers at a 30% yield since the beginning of the year with an incredibly low risk score and virtually none drawdown …

Of course, predicting a stock market crash can be even more difficult than predicting an earthquake, while most investors remain very optimistic about the markets, it's time to prepare for the eventuality that markets are turning around. a ride can bring.

Bitcoin Technique

As we discussed in these updates, bitcoin has recently been traded against the rest of the digital currencies. Here we can see that the original blockchain asset is up about 30% since the beginning of the month, even though most of the others are still in negative …

If we see the digital king begin to step over $ 6,000 and score new heights that could certainly enter the FOMO factor and we could see further price increases. However, as Nestor says, we must be prepared and sow the seeds.

Bitcoin has broken just about all the rules of technical and fundamental analysis but for now, that's the only thing we need to do. By fundamental analysis, we have some calls for $ 0 and some for $ 100,000 and just about everything else.

If we are looking for a perfect entry and if the price actually goes down, we have to look at the chart at the beginning of the year. A powerful graphic indeed.

The white line represents a solid form of resistance. Even though it's a pretty steep slope, the line has not been broken yet.

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Bottom, however, it is difficult to find the exact support. Many are of the opinion that the dashed blue line can actually hold and we only have to go back up from here. The yellow line in my mind is a little more practical. Answering this yellow line at around $ 4,500 a piece would represent a total decline of 25% from the top.

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