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Bitcoin looks at $ 15k in 2018, but does not spoil Forks: Interview with Ronnie Moas

"Prolific" stock coach Ronnie Moas was successful with the Bitcoin price predictions this year. From $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 and $ 7,500 – all of this became reality for the investor who was earlier than most in the financial field to defend the spread of cryptocurrency. a glimpse of what will follow, Moas provides more surprising advice. Stick to Bitcoin forks is among his recommendations for the success of cryptocurrency, something that might upset some of Hardcoin Core's toughest supporters.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Moas shared more about his point of view. The prices, ranges and entry of Wall Street into the market in the form of CME Group futures next month.

Cointelegraph: The investor community is still divided on Bitcoin's short-term price outlook. Where are you in relation to the next 6 to 12 months? Ronnie Moas: Over the next 6 to 12 months, I expect Bitcoin to make a push around $ 15,000 (and maybe $ 20,000). I'm looking at the 'Bitcoin price'. Like Bitcoin Plus Bitcoin Cash Plus Bitcoin Gold … By this calculation we have [have already] hit $ 10,000 … against $ 2,570 when I recommended Bitcoin in early July.

This is not a bubble that's not an irrational exuberance. Bitcoin is currently trading from 80% to 90% below what I think in the next five years.

If 1% of the $ 200 trillion currently in shares, cash, gold and bonds [all overvalued] are found worldwide Bitcoin, then Bitcoin will reach $ 125,000. An argument can be made that Bitcoin will eventually catch gold at around $ 250,000 – $ 500,000 per piece. How far they go depends on how many years it takes and where gold is trading at the time.

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CT: What is your approach to the Bitcoin Cash phenomenon and its future? How do you see future attempts to fork playing?

RM: I strongly advise people to hang on to Spin-off Bitcoin Gold coins … and especially to Bitcoin Cash. I think people learned their lesson a few weeks ago when Bitcoin Cash jumped 150% in 48 hours while Bitcoin corrected by 20%. I am a strong believer in diversification

CT: How would you rate the impact of CME Group's early Bitcoin debut next month?

RM: The move by the CME is significant in that it is a stamp of approval on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency which now has a value of [300] ] billion dollars – it's more than Goldman Sachs, Starbucks and General Motors … combined!

Anyone looking for a bubble should not look to the top 20 crypto names … they should look to the stock market as most names are currently trading at (or above) 20X gains

only the stamp of FMC serves as an endorsement – it also brings us closer to an FNB on Wall Street

Once that happens, the institutional money will start to flock and retail investors will now be able to invest in crypto without worrying about opening accounts on fo reign exchanges and worry about how to protect their accounts – that most people have trouble in find how to do it. In my opinion the valves will open in 2018.

CT: What other cryptocurrences are you fan of based on technical robustness?

RM: I prefer people to sign up for my service if they want my recommendations outside of Bitcoin. I do not mind and I do not really like giving my recommendations for free because my subscribers get angry. Some names that I have recommended to do well for my clients include, among others, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero and Stellar Lumens.

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