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Bitcoin Price Barrels exceeded $ 16,000 while Altcoins are down

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The bitcoin price surged on Friday, jumping $ 16,000 to hit its all-time high # 39; year. The price of the ripple, meanwhile, dropped by almost 11%, as Altcoin's week rally seemed to hit a wall.

Backed by a resurgent bitcoin, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency reached a new record of $ 782 billion this morning and is currently valued at $ 779 billion – a 24% 24 hour increase.

 bitcoin price "width =" 1076 "height =" 454
Source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin Prize Recovered Past $ 16,000

The price of bitcoin has not seen an enviable start to the year. While altcoin valuations soared, Bitcoin remained unable to break the $ 15,000 mark and seemed unable to prevent Ripple, Etum and company from gnawing its market share, which has reached a historic low this week.

Friday, however, the price of bitcoin jumped $ 16,000 on Bitfinex, bringing cryptocurrency to its highest level since December 27. Currently, bitcoin is trading at $ 16,093 against the dollar on Bitfinex, while its global average is $ 16,440. That translates into an 11% advance over a day and provides bitcoin with a market capitalization of $ 276 billion.

 bitcoin price "width =" 660 "height =" 351
Bitcoin Price Chart

There was no clear trigger for the rally, although it may be one of them It is possible that traders exchange their exchange profits for the BTC, since it is one of the few coins major to not experiencing significant price increases over the past two weeks.

Ripple Price shows a double-digit decline, but retains its advantage over Ethereum

The price of the ripple posted its worst performance in a day of 2018 on Friday, down 11% to $ 2.82 on Bitfinex. XRP is still valued at a world average of $ 3.29, but that represents a $ 0.55 drop from yesterday's record high.

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 Waving price "width =" 672 "height =" 351
Ripple Price Table

The drop-off appeared to coincide with a CEO's Twitter post Coinbase's Brian Armstrong said that the company had made no decision to add new cryptocurrencies to its brokerage or trading platforms, contrary to rumors that the company was preparing to make XRP the fifth asset on the platform. investors.

Despite the decline, Ripple managed to maintain a significant advantage over third place etheric, which rose six percent for the day and broke the $ 1,000 mark in all major markets. At the time of writing this report, the price of the ethereum had dropped by less than $ 1,000 on Bitfinex, but its global average was $ 1,027, which resulted in a market capitalization of $ 99 billion. dollars.

 ethereum price "width =" 663 "height =" 349
Ethereum Price Table

Altcoins less than 500 billion dollars

Altcoin markets had been experiencing indiscriminate rallies during the first week of the New Year, and Friday brought total market capitalization to its first correction of 2018. From Thursday to Friday, the combined value of all altcoin market ceilings fell from $ 502 billion to $ 495 billion.

 bitcoin price "width =" 1074 "height =" 434
Source: CoinMarketCap

Ripple led the retreat – which was far from being exhaustive – but several other major altcoins also recorded significant withdrawals.

 bitcoin price "width =" 1063 "height =" 449
Source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin cash in fourth place rose by 2%, means are a resumption of its dismal performance this week.

Cardano and NEM each received a double-digit percentage decline following significant rallies. The cardano price fell by 16%, while the NEM price fell by 13%. However, both coins managed to maintain dollar parity.

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The price of litecoin rose nine percent, slightly reversing the recent downtrend, but the best performance of the day came from TRON, which added 30% to its market capitalization before investors.

The stellar price fell by 18 percent, and the price of IOTA rose by half a percent to top the top 10.

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