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Bitcoin Price Boom sees students flocking to attend cryptocurrency classes

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The increase in Bitcoin sees an increasing number of students enrolling in cryptocurrency classes in the best computer science schools such as Stanford.

According to Dan Boneh, co-director of the Stanford Computer Security Lab and professor of cryptography, he attracts a large number of people to his cryptocurrency classes. As a cryptographic researcher for nearly 30 years, Boneh began teaching a bitcoin and cryptocurrency course in 2015, attracting more than 100 students. His online cryptography course has seen more than a million signatures, reports CNBC.

As a result of increasing the value of bitcoin, students are turning more and more to learning their knowledge. To date, digital currency has reached a new record of almost $ 6,500, pushing its market value above $ 100 billion. It is therefore not surprising that a growing interest is being experienced. Apart from the huge attraction in valuing cryptocurrencies, Boneh thinks that they also have another benefit.

He said:

Cryptocurrencies are a wonderful way to teach cryptography. There are a lot of new applications for cryptography that did not exist before.

The Boneh Online Manual is also used throughout the state. In Pittsburgh, at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, Vipul Goyal, a faculty member of the CMU's computer science department, is leading a course entitled Special Topics in Cryptography. Offered for the first time this year, twenty or so students, mostly Ph.D. candidates, are taking the course focusing on digital currencies such as bitcoin and blockchain.

Last year, the University of California at Berkeley launched a class called Cryptocurrency Decal. In 2015, the MIT Media Lab created the Digital Currency initiative.

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Just as there has been an increase in the number of students attending cryptocurrency classes, the number of jobs related to bitcoins has also increased.

According to the Freelancer job market, there has been an 82 percent increase in jobs related to bitcoin. Speaking to CNBC, Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer, said earlier this week that one of the key skills sought by employers is the ability of a candidate to manage initial parts offerings (ICOs).

He said:

People get freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies.

The market adds that employers want people to create new digital currencies and create proposal plans for blockchain technologies.

In the third quarter of the year, Freelancer indexed 480,000 new jobs. To date, it has more than 12 million and 25 million active users on its site.

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