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Bitcoin-related jobs booming with Bitcoin

The international job market Freelancer noted that Bitcoin-related jobs are the largest producers, reaching 82 percent only in the third quarter.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other related markets skyrocketed as cryptocurrency currency is heading toward the mainstream, pulling more and more to feed the ecosystem.

The company's periodic report follows trends in Freelancer notes that much of the growth comes from companies looking for freelancers to design new coins, by essentially helping to launch ICOs.

"People get freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies," said Matt Barrie, Freelancer's CEO,

One of the key skills companies are looking for ability to manage an ICO. ICOs have been considered very lucrative, and many appear everywhere. However, recent regulations have slowed the frenzy.

According to Freelancer, it's not just the developers and designers of these new parts that are in high demand for new ICOs. Employers are looking for people to create new cryptocurrences but also to write proposals for Blockchain technologies.


The related field of cryptography saw the number of job vacancies increase by 59% in the third quarter, according to Freelancer. Cryptography is essentially the underlying theory on which the Blockchain and by extension Bitcoin

is based. It is not only useful in cryptocurrency, but it is also a skill that has played an important role in security and the privacy of the Internet.

Job Quality

Not only is their demand for crypto-workers high, but job offers are also significantly better than most in a similar field.

In September, cryptomoney jobs paid, on average, 10 to 20% more than the industry standard. In addition, they offer better benefits.

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Second, cryptocurrency companies have much more flexible remote work benefits. In fact, in cryptocurrency companies, employees are 22% more likely to have remote work freedom.

Third, the cryptocurrency companies and especially the ICOs offer much better liquidity options. Typical equity positions require a liquidity event in order to be sold and have complex restrictions. ACIs typically offer employees coins as holdings. Although these parts may still have some restrictions, they are much more liquid than these options.