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Bitcoin Wallet Bamboozle: Bitcoin.com Offering Bitcoin Cash Wallet, The Caller "Bitcoin"

On November 20, 2017, Bitcoin.com updated its Bitcoin Wallet on the App Store d & # 39; Apple. Version 4.0.2 of Bitcoin.com creates default Bitcoin Cash portfolios and allows users to scan private keys to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash portfolios.

Unfortunately, the Bitcoin.com domain owner, Roger Ver, does a bit of a bait-and-switch, and the user is now downloading a Bitcoin Cash Portfolio. A user thinking to download a real Bitcoin wallet where he can easily send and receive Bitcoin eventually installs one that runs on the Bitcoin Cash network, which makes it unnecessarily difficult for Bitcoin.

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revenge of the major blockers

bait-and-switch as an act ov revenge against the owner of Bitcoin.com and Evangelist Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver. Despite being a ruthless supporter and early adopter of Bitcoin – he was formerly called "Bitcoin Jesus" – Ver is firmly in the camp of "great bl "

He was a big supporter of the proposed SegWit2x Fork, betting Trace Meyer 25,000 BTC as SegWit2x would dominate inherited Bitcoin if the fork was produced. Now that the fork has been canceled, Ver has decided to support Bitcoin Cash. Many have taken to call it "Bitcoin Judas."

Legal action?

The users of the / r / Bitcoin subreddit are furious. Such a user, 1mystical, wrote:

This is also a very good way to open yourself to a tort for damages. It is a blatant misrepresentation, and whoever will hand over and lose money in the process, will have a day in court with this clown.

Unless Ver decides to rename its portfolio so that it correctly references the network on which it operates, it is important that consumers be aware of the possibilities and limitations that come with version 4.0.2 Bitcoin wallet by Bitcoin.com.